Magmic Announces ChatGPT Update to Popular Scattergories Mobile Game

NEW YORK & OTTAWA, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ChatGPT–Award-winning mobile game developer, Magmic announced details today of a new update to its popular ‘Hasbro’s Scattergories’ mobile game. ChatGPT has now been integrated into the game to create even more extensive and dynamic categories, allowing for more intuitive, lightning-fast answers.

“The latest update of the official Scattergories Mobile App integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With nearly 4 Million installs since its launch, the biggest hurdle for our developers has been keeping the answer database up to date and complete. Now, with the power of AI, Scattergories can compare answers against a knowledge base beyond anything developers could create themselves, making this a literal ‘game changer’ for Scattergories and our hundreds of mobile games. We’re currently testing the ChatGPT integration and plan to continue with it based on the success of the upcoming updates,” said Magmic CEO and president Mohammad Agha.

Magmic’s longstanding partnership with Hasbro commenced in 2015, leading to the development of the popular mobile version of the beloved game. Scattergories has over 2.5 million downloads and 60 million gameplay sessions. The game was ranked as the ‘#1 Trivia game’ in 5 countries and ‘#1 Word game’ in 3 countries (2021-2022). Scattergories also received Top Rank in the U.S., ranked #5 for ‘Board Games’ in 2015 and #6 for ‘Word Games’ in 2016, according to rankings worldwide. Hasbro’s Scattergories is available on iOS and Android.

“Although we have hundreds of thousands of answers in our database, we still did not have all of the answers that the ChatGPT integration affords as there’s often new correct answers every day. ChatGPT is going to ‘up the game’ and continue to enhance the mobile gaming experience for players,” said Magmic Co-Founder and CTO Joshua Ostrowalker.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that allows a user to generate original text. You can ask it questions and give it creative prompts to generate anything from short stories to screenplays. ChatGPT was created in November of 2022 by OpenAI.

About Magmic

Magmic is an award-winning publisher and developer of mobile games since the dawn of the mobile entertainment revolution to present day as a leader in the Web3 video game realm. Established in 2002 in Ottawa, Canada, Magmic is a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry and has developed and published over 100 mobile games, many of which have reached #1 in the Card and Board game categories on the App Stores. Magmic’s most popular games include Hasbro’s Scattergories and Scattergories Blitz, Mattel’s Phase 10, Skip-Bo and Blokus, Texas Hold’Em King, Passport Rummy, The New York Times Crossword app, Spite & Malice, Adventure Hearts, the Simply suite of card games, along with many others. With over 250 million game downloads over 21 years, Magmic currently has a player base of millions of monthly active users and tens of billions of hours of play. For more information, visit


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