Knock! Knock! Boo’s There? KRISPY ‘SKREME’S’ New Haunted House Collection!

Krispy Kreme® transforms into ‘Krispy Skreme’ for Halloween season, including $2 dozens on Saturday Scary ‘Sharies’ and FREE doughnut on Halloween

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Knock, Knock! Boo’s There? Krispy Skreme!

Krispy Kreme has transformed again into “Krispy Skreme” for the Halloween season, celebrating with an all-new Haunted House Collection and spook-tacular deals throughout October.

Fans will get a sweet thrill when they open the door on the Haunted House Collection’s boo-tiful custom dozen box, featuring a spooky family of new Halloween-inspired doughnuts, available beginning Oct. 10 for a limited time at participating shops across the U.S.:

  • Spooky Spider Doughnut​: An Original Glazed® Doughnut dipped in chocolate icing and topped with cookie pieces, an icing spider web, and a spider sugar piece. ​
  • Scaredy Cat Doughnut​: A shell doughnut filled with Kreme™, dipped in purple icing and decorated with green buttercream and chocolate icing, and topped with a cat chocolate piece.
  • Boo Batter Doughnut​: A shell doughnut filled with delicious cake batter, topped with neon green icing, spooky sugar sprinkles, buttercream and a ghost sugar piece.​
  • Neon Orange Sprinkle Doughnut​: An Original Glazed doughnut with neon orange icing and topped with a Halloween sprinkle blend. ​

Krispy Skreme is also offering a new Freaky Frozen Chiller, featuring green apple and wild grape flavors with green apple drizzle.

“A Krispy Skreme Halloween is more about sharing than scaring, and with Scary Sharies each Saturday we make it easy to ‘boo’ a neighbor with the best treat going,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Skreme. “And when fans open the door on our haunted house custom box, they’ll ‘skreme’ with delight at all-new doughnuts that are perfect for celebrating everything that’s sweet about Halloween.”

To make the Halloween season even more spook-tacular, Krispy Skreme is also returning “Saturday Scary Sharies.” Every Saturday beginning Oct. 15 through Halloween, Krispy Skreme fans can receive a $2 Original Glazed dozen when they purchase any dozen to “boo” friends and neighbors.

And on Halloween Oct. 31, any guest who visits a Krispy Skreme shop dressed in a Halloween costume can receive one FREE doughnut of choice, no purchase necessary.

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