Italian Musician Lapo Consortini Finds Versatile Production Solution with KRK GoAux

The Portable Monitor System Offers Consistent and Accurate Audio in the Studio and on the Road

FLORENCE, ITALY, MAY 2, 2023 Italian Musician, Guitarist, and Producer Lapo Consortini’s career started with a computer science engineering degree and a passion for music, and has since turned into an impressive résumé of skills for studio and stage productions alike. Consortini has molded a unique position for himself in the music industry, relying on his transversal knowledge of engineering, songwriting, recording, and production to establish connections and participate in various live and recorded projects. With such a diverse lineup of work, Consortini recently turned to the KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System for consistent and accurate audio, no matter the location or task.

“I am always on the go for projects, covering a lot of artists and different musical genres,” Consortini explains, “and the GoAux 4 are easing my workflow immensely. Within seconds, I can easily set up the speakers and establish the ideal sound using the integrated ARC system. They also work easily with a laptop and provide good sound pressure and full-range fidelity, even in a small hotel room, with no compromise on audio quality. It’s incredible how they sound in lower ranges without having to set undesirably high volumes.”

The GoAux are a welcome addition to Consortini’s setup, assisting him on various editing and mixing projects. Most recently, he prepared the arrangements, programming, and backing tracks for Italian pop band Modà’s current tour, which features a live orchestra accompaniment. He has also arranged and produced numerous jingles for various Italian radio stations, in addition to recording and mixing the latest single for Italian singer-songwriter Paola Turci. “I’ve been very satisfied,” Consortini says of the KRK GoAux. “The monitors keep me safe in the reviewing process of all my mixes. When you reach that perfect connection with the sound of your speakers, you know you can expect accuracy and transparent audio from all your music.”

While Consortini only recently got his hands on the GoAux, he has long been familiar with KRK as a brand. “I’ve been using KRK for over ten years now,” he says. “Throughout my career, I have tried many different KRK lines and series, from the ROKITs and retired VXT series to the original Exposè E8Bs. Even when I was first starting out, I would notice the brand throughout Italian recording studios thanks to the bright yellow cones. You can immediately recognize a KRK in a jungle of speakers. These days, I’m hoping to upgrade my studio setup with a new pair of the KRK V-Series 4 Studio Monitors, which provide a very comfortable listening experience compared to other brands I have tried.”

Similarly, the KRK GoAux stand out in comparison to Consortini’s previous, industry-standard mobile studio monitors. “These aren’t my first pair of mobile speakers, but they are the best I’ve seen,” he explains. “Thanks to the minimal and simple connections, foldable stands with inclines, and custom-made carrying bag, the KRK GoAux are ideal for on-the-go work. The GoAux are the perfect size to use on a small surface with my laptop and provide a good and definitive sound while also allowing my colleagues to listen to what I’m producing. I can’t wait to take the KRK GoAux on tour with me.”

With Consortini hitting the road alongside Modà and Italian Singer/Songwriter Marco Masini, he is most excited about the benefits afforded by the simple and sleek design of the GoAux. “I am not afraid of complexity; I like my gear to have many features,” he finishes. “Being a modern producer forces you to obtain optimal results in a short time, so I love finding complex yet easy-to-use solutions to help with my work. The KRK GoAux 4’s perfect balance of robustness, simplicity, and versatility provides exactly that.”

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