Innovative New Astrad™ Dispersion Range Delivers Higher Performance and Broader Compatibility for Architectural, Industrial and Automotive Applications

Hatfield PA, USA– Penn Color Inc. announces the launch of its new Astrad™ portfolio of dispersions. With its broad range of applications – automotive, architectural, and industrial – this portfolio demonstrates Penn Color’s commitment to providing top-of-the-line solutions for the ever-evolving coatings industry. 

“As the coating industry has evolved, most new product developments have had to choose between performance or compatibility. Astrad™ overcomes this contradiction, with new systems delivering both superior color performance and wider compatibility, benefiting both the end-products and the manufacturing processes,” says Phil Adams, Business Director, Industrial Coatings.

Astrad™ is the new product portfolio of water-based, solvent-based, and UV dispersions which includes four different series:

  • Astrad-WB is a low-no VOC, APEO free, binder free, water-based pigment dispersion. Astrad-WB offers high pigment loading, tight tolerances of shade and color for exact color reproduction, wide product compatibility.
  • Astrad-UV is available in 100% solids in a variety of monomer systems. Astrad-UV is a sustainable solution, offering low energy curing, wide compatibility, and various degrees of functionality to ensure optimal performance.
  • Astrad-IS is available as a broadly compatible acrylic resin system, with high pigment loading and optimal rheological properties. Astrad-IS is exceptional for universal tinting of solvent based industrial coatings.
  • Astrad-AUTO is available in a wide variety of single pigment dispersions covering the spectrum of automotive grade colors, with high chroma and crystal-clear transparency. Astrad-AUTO provides the highest level of flexibility for the paint formulators, with both solvent and water-borne dispersions. Astrad-AUTO can be used in both basecoats and mid-coats, for dynamic color effects.

Astrad™ advantages:

  • Higher pigment loading
  • Tight tolerances of shades and colors 
  • Widely compatible systems
  • Drop-in colors
  • Available both as a portfolio of standard colorants and as proprietary technologies used by Penn Color to formulate custom dispersions on demand

“Our customers are hungry for innovative solutions, so we’re answering the call with both new and existing dispersions,” concludes Adams.

About Penn Color Inc.

Headquartered in Hatfield PA, USA, Penn Color is a family–owned leading global supplier of colors and functional additives in masterbatches and compounds for thermoplastics, as well as high–performance pigment dispersions for inks & coatings. With a diversity of technologies and expertise that is unique in the industry, Penn Color serves applications for consumer goods, building and construction, transportation, and infrastructure industries.

Penn Color has customers in 68 countries and operates multiple sales, R&D and manufacturing sites in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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