Imerge Pro gets a major upgrade with powerful new retouching and color grading tools, CR3 support, and more

London, UK (October 22, 2020) – Imerge Pro is still a relatively new product on the scene but is already making waves amongst photographers and composite artists looking for more control over their final output. The desktop app – which allows editing and non-destructive compositing with RAW layers in 16-bit – offers something different from other options on the market: a completely non-destructive end-to-end workflow.

The new release introduces even more powerful retouching and color grading features, adding up to a total of 68 entirely non-destructive effects and filters available. Canon CR3 support has also been added, along with a new preview downsampling feature to speed up performance on large projects.

Imerge already has some of the most versatile color editing tools available for photographers, allowing you to take full advantage of 16-bit RAW data. With version 8, Imerge users can now take even more control over their grades with Split Toning and Gradient Maps.

The Split Toning effect has a highly intuitive interface that enables you to see the position of both shadow and highlight tones around the color wheel. This feature makes determining color harmony quick and easy, making it simple to maintain perfect complementary color as you make adjustments. Hue positions can also be locked-in relative to each other so that moving one color will automatically adjust the other.

The two and three-point grades that most RAW editors offer sometimes just aren’t enough for our needs. With Imerge Pro’s new Gradient Map effect, users can create practically unlimited, custom, cinematic grades not possible in other RAW editing applications by using up to 16 color points. Each point has full RGBA control, and the balance between points can be adjusted for each step in the gradient. You can even choose between Imerge’s 20 blend modes for different effects. You can also use gradient mapping to create a signature stylized color effect, a trend that’s popular amongst contemporary designers.

If you’re into cleanup and retouching, Imerge can offer the workflow you’ve always dreamed of. As well as the new ‘Dynamic Contrast’ effect which uses frequency separation to adjust fine, medium and large-scale details independently (great for skin retouching), Imerge Pro 8 now includes Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools. Like everything in Imerge, these powerful new cleanup tools work completely non-destructively, so you can go back and make changes at any point. They also include handy controls for ‘Rotation,’ ‘Scale,’ and horizontal/vertical flip – making it easy to retouch 3D edges that contour or change in depth throughout an image.

The new release is available now for $199 at, and that comes with 12 months of updates to keep up-to-date with the latest tech that gets included in the software. Find out more at

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