Gotspace Data Partners File $30 Billion Dollar Legal Action to Develop Connecticut Digital Campus

GROTON, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gotspace Data Partners, a New England based digital infrastructure company that is rocketing towards becoming one of this country’s largest master developers of hyper scale data centers announced today that it filed a $30.0 Billion Dollar Federal Racketeering Complaint under 18 U.S.C, 1962-1968 R.I.C.O., and the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act 18 U.S.C. § 1030 (CFAA) for cybercrimes. The landmark legal action alleges Gotspace is a victim of a criminal enterprise, NE Edge, a sham corporation made up of convicted felons and reputed loan sharks who had been infiltrating or “hacking” into co-defendants, Apple Inc and T-Mobile operating systems and cloud data servers to unlawfully obtain private and highly confidential digital information, and proprietary data about Gotspace and its founders forward path to develop the New England Data Corridor. The action alleges the Defendants had been deploying illegal cyber spying technology known as NSO Pegasus, to digitally eaves drop on the company’s Apple mac book, i phone and other iOS digital devices on their T-Mobile based carrier networks during the criminal groups concerted 18 month “zero-click” cyber-attacks targeting Gotspace’s digital devices and electronic communications in an effort to derail the companies development and capital raising efforts to a direct public offering with Wall Street and it’s aspirations of a multi-billion dollar valuation in 2023.

The 100-page 24 count Federal action, details how and its founders have been victimized since spring of 2021 through a pattern of garden variety loan sharking, from hard money lenders holding themselves out as early-stage investors that set out to “loan to own” the tech company and who continue to attempt to end run and usurp the Plaintiffs data campus sites in Connecticut. Back in March 2022, a municipality ceased and desisted all discussions with NE Edge and Groton: Data center discussions cease as former front man, now defendant in the Gotspace action, has a long tumultuous history of litigation and allegations of financial misdeeds in the state. The town’s officials and its residents shut down discussions with NE Edge, as it had previously entered into a multi-million-dollar community host agreement with Gotspace Data, which allows them to construct upwards of 4 hyperscale data centers on its contracted data sites.

As the Federal government has since blacklisted the co-defendants NSO and its US counterpart Westbridge Technologies, as part of a larger National Security Strategy Focuses on China, Russia and Democracy at Home, it intends to raise house bill HR 7776 a/ka the ‘James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act, to outlaw any use of NSO Pegasus type of spying technology on United states soil. This spy tech is considered the most powerful and damaging cyber weapon technology in the world today. The Gotspace case names over 12 individuals and their attorneys, suspect law enforcement personnel and alleges they aided and abetted by conspiring with NE Edge in a coordinated effort within the Massachusetts Judicial System, to unlawfully violate the founders’ civil rights and due process of law, in the defendants earlier now failed efforts to “game the legal system” to gain control of Gotspace and its billions in potential future profits.

Attorneys, for Gotspace Data Partners founder and CEO Nicholas Fiorillo, filed this action in Federal District Court on December 23, 2022, to address multiple violations of R.I.C.O., CFAA and civil rights abuses by and through a multitude of federal racketeering, cybercrimes for NE Edge’s and all the co-defendants roles in the thousands of “zero-click” digital data breaches and covert eavesdropping of confidential attorney-client communications when this criminal group has been alleged to have used malicious and unlawful cyber hacking to upend justice.

As detailed in court filings, the NE Edge Enterprise perpetrated a series of highly sophisticated, complex, fraudulently purported lending investment schemes and brought questionable actions against the Plaintiffs utilizing cyber spying apps to usurp data and digital communications in a strategy set out to “loan to own” to control the company. The complaint further alleges the group turned to certain judicial and political insiders within the courts to manipulate a judicial outcome that would derail the company’s forward path. As Apple and T-mobile, the Big tech co-defendants have been named in this lawsuit, along with NE Edge, the group utilized Pegasus, Trackview and other spyware technology to enable a two year unlawful wiretap and electronic eavesdropping scheme during the legal dispute In order to unlawfully intercept Gotspace’s privileged, confidential and protected trade and intellectual property secrets, financial records and legal and judicial communications, which were stolen by the defendants and used against the Company.

Gotspace Data, CEO Nicholas Fiorillo, is confident as the case moves forward in the Federal District Court of Massachusetts, the defendants and their co-conspirators will be spotlighted for their unlawful cybercrimes and loan sharking schemes and justice by a jury of Massachusetts Citizens will rise up to expose co-conspirator defendants.


In 2021 Gotspace Data, worked extensively with the state of Connecticut’s former Director of Economic Development, David Lehman and Governer Ned Lamont to raise House Bill 6514 and in March of that year the legislature saw an unprecedented super majority bipartisan approval. The “CT DATA” bill has been revered as this country’s most aggressive data tax incentives package in history and launches Connecticut forward to becoming one of the most affordable states in Union, to operate the fortune 100 type of hyper scale data centers that our country needs to keep our digital world moving and protected and our financial industries on top. In the winter of 2021 Mike Grella Joins Gotspace Data Partners as Chief Operating Officer, as he was former chief counsel and Economic director of Amazon. As COO, he has continued to be instrumental in bringing this tremendous digital infrastructure project to a reality and looking forward to the company’s official announcement in the development of the company’s first data center in 2023. The company continues investing millions of dollars into the Gotspace Master Development of the New England Data Corridor and has entered into agreements with the Towns of Wallingford, Groton intends to finalize discussions with 4 other municipalities for proposed data centers as it looks to acquire an additional 1000 acres in the coastal areas in the towns of Norwich and Leyland Connecticut.

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