German Artist Ron Flieger Takes His Studio on the Road With KRK GoAux

The Multi-disciplinary Creative Also Utilizes the Brand’s Renowned V-Series With A KRK Subwoofer in the Studio

BERLIN, GERMANY, APRIL 9, 202― German multi-disciplinary creative directorartist, and digital consultant Ron Flieger combines his love for visuals, fashion, technology, and music in his daily life. With multiple passions and career focuses, Flieger often finds himself working on the road and requires a pair of mobile monitors that fit into his workflow. 

The KRK GoAux 3 Portable Monitors have proven to be his ideal companion for reference audio thanks to their fast set-up, ideal travel size, and accurate sound. Flieger also uses the KRK V-Series 6 Powered Studio Monitors and an S10.4 Powered Subwoofer when composing and producing at his studio in Berlin. 

“I have been using KRK since 2014 after being introduced to the brand’s sound at a session at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles,” he shares. “I now use KRK gear to create all my music and the sound for my art installations. I also use it on all the music I compose for the videos and commercials that I direct.” 

As an artist, Flieger knows that when a new idea comes to mind, there is no time to waste. His GoAux allow him to get started no matter where he is. “I mainly work on and finish my projects at my studio,” he says. “However, I have always loved trying out new ideas while on the road. That is when the GoAux 3 monitors come in handy.” 

Flieger appreciates the ability to take his GoAux on the go and notes the monitors’ compact size as a feature that makes them ideal for portable applications. “I spend a lot of time on the road, so I often work out of hotel rooms these days,” shares Flieger. “The GoAux have never failed me on the go, and the bass response coming from such small speakers is super impressive.” 

Accurate sound is another important feature for any monitor when it comes to making music. “I love how true KRK speakers are to the sound and that they do not hide anything,” explains Flieger. “I was never interested in overemphasizing audio within my workflow. If the vibe is nice, just let it roll. KRK speakers have always helped me get into the zone without getting carried away from reality.”

Flieger continues to use his KRKs for a variety of creative projects. “I mainly use the KRK GoAux for composing and producing,” shares Flieger. “I pretty much finished a whole project with just the GoAux, had another listen back at my studio and tweaked a few minor things. Everything turned out to be top-notch. I am super happy with the results.”

Ron Flieger has been a part of the music industry since the age of 22 when he was signed with Warner as a full-time singer/songwriter. He worked in this role for several years before getting signed by Universal Music Group, where he expanded his field of work to writing and producing for other artists. Flieger has also composed music for film and commercials. 

Today, Flieger is best known as a creative director. His personal aesthetic always follows a “sophisticated and raw” vibe, and his KRKs continue to contribute to his creative workflow. “It is refreshing to be able to fully rely on my KRKs as a reference when it comes to evaluating the magic of sound,” he says. 

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