Fegan Scott Launches Investigation over Troubling Research Showing Radiation Risk from Millions of Cell Phones

“This could be the Chernobyl of the cell phone industry, cover-up and all”

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today the class-action law firm Fegan Scott announced it has launched an investigation regarding recently released research that questions the safety of some of the most popular and widely used cell phones.

The research, conducted by The Chicago Tribune and an independent laboratory hired by the newspaper, shows that cell phones including the iPhone 7, X, 8 and 8+ among others, emit as much as twice the amount of radiation as the phones’ manufacturers claim.

“If we found that produce sold in grocery stores contained twice the levels of pesticides as the law allows, we would be up in arms, demanding the products be pulled from the shelf – this is no different,” said Beth Fegan, managing partner of Fegan Scott. “In this case, we know the cell phone radiation is dangerous, but the terrifying part is that we don’t know how dangerous, especially to kids’ brain development.”

Fegan also noted that research strongly suggests that cell phone manufacturers knew – or should have known – that the radiation levels were well above what they were claiming. “The fact that the Chicago Tribune can convene a group of experts and develop such convincing findings shows that the phone manufacturers may be intentionally hiding what they know about radiation output.

“This could be the Chernobyl of the cell phone industry, cover-up and all,” Fegan noted.

Owners or users of Apple iPhone 7, X, 8 and 8+, Samsung Galaxy S9, S8 and J3, and Motorola Moto e5 and G6 could be affected.

To learn more about the investigation or to receive updates, please email phoneradiation@feganscott.com.

Fegan Scott is a class-action law firm that serves consumers in issues regarding product liability and related issues, including cases against Apple and other cell phone-related businesses. Under managing partner Beth Fegan, consumers and others have received more than $1 billion through her work as a consumer advocate.



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