Dremio Team Authoring O’Reilly’s Definitive Guide on Apache Iceberg, Only Book of Its Kind

With initial chapter in preview, forthcoming O’Reilly book dives deep into Apache Iceberg’s uses and innovations, helps data engineers and architects understand Iceberg soup to nuts

Round-up from Subsurface LIVE keynote and panels highlights Iceberg’s meteoric rise as the open table format standard for big data analytics—enabling data lakehouse architectures

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dremio, the easy and open data lakehouse, today announced the early release of its forthcoming O’Reilly book, Apache Iceberg: The Definitive Guide | Data Lakehouse Functionality, Performance, and Scalability on the Data Lake, which features the opening chapter in preview, with more to come. As the only book on Apache Iceberg, the comprehensive tome will include lessons for achieving interactive, batch, machine learning and streaming analytics, all without duplicating data into many different proprietary systems and formats.

Apache Iceberg provides the capabilities, performance, scalability and savings that fulfill the promise of an open data lakehouse. The recent Subsurface LIVE conference from Dremio highlighted Apache Iceberg’s emergence as the high performance open table format for various analytical workloads and the clear standard that is enabling data lakehouse architecture.

“Open source Apache Iceberg, which originated in Netflix engineering, continues to evolve as the preferred option for enterprises creating a modern data infrastructure,” said Dremio Developer Advocate Dipankar Mazumdar, one of the book’s authors. “This O’Reilly book will cover the architecture of Iceberg, optimization techniques and hands-on, real-world use cases with Iceberg, as well as how to use Iceberg with popular compute engines such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink and Dremio Sonar. We’re excited to share the book’s preview.” The other authors include Dremio CPO Tomer Shiran, Director of Technical Advocacy Jason Hughes, and Developer Advocate Alex Merced.

Apache Iceberg was also the star of Subsurface LIVE 2023. The conference from Dremio, which recently wrapped, featured a keynote address and panels with technology leaders from companies such as Apple, Uber, Wayfair, Pinterest, Shell, Shopify and many others.

Keynote – The Year of the Data Lakehouse: Enabling data lakehouse architecture, Apache Iceberg has grown at a tremendous rate with almost 40M downloads to emerge as the de facto standard open table format. Iceberg is currently supported by Amazon, Snowflake, Google, Tabular and Dremio, among others. A rapid rate of innovation is guaranteed by having the diverse community Iceberg now boasts.

Panel – The State of Apache Iceberg: Iceberg developers shared exciting use cases enabled by new features and discussed the future of the project. Panel participants also explained the benefits of open table formats, scalability and cost savings through Apache Iceberg, as well as the state of the community and adoption.

“The driver is about bringing ACID to the data lake, bringing better confidence in the data that we have there,” said Tony Baer, recognized data industry expert and principal of dbInsight, who moderated the panel. “Iceberg has been rapidly gaining industry support and will become one of the major lakehouse table formats to make the cut.”

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