Designium Launches Cutting-Edge Snapchat Lenses for Interactive AR Experience

TOKYO, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Designium, a leading creative studio in Japan, is pushing boundaries by introducing a new range of innovative Snapchat Lenses designed to elevate the user experience like never before. These lenses, available on the Designium page on Snapchat, leverage advanced technology to transform not only the user’s appearance but also the surrounding environment using augmented reality (AR) effects.

With an impressive portfolio of lenses that showcase the studio’s creativity and technical prowess, Designium’s lenses go beyond mere facial filters. The lenses allow users to interact with the environment through hand gestures, facial expressions, and body movements, creating a truly immersive and interactive experience. This new frontier of lens technology opens up exciting possibilities for user engagement on the popular social media platform.

Featuring a number of creative and unique lenses, Designium invites Snapchat users to explore the world of augmented reality in fun and creative ways. Among the standout lenses are the FishScooping Lens, which transports users to an underwater world where they can catch virtual fish with a simple swipe of their hand. The Omikuji Lens offers a glimpse into Japanese culture by generating virtual fortunes, adding an element of surprise to users’ snaps. Additionally, the BallToss Lens challenges users to test their aiming skills in an engaging AR game, while the Face Fusion France Lens lets users morph their faces with iconic French figures, including backgrounds, outfits, and more.

Designium’s approach to creating these cutting-edge lenses involves the strategic use of Generative AI and augmented reality technologies. By actively experimenting with these tools, the studio is changing the landscape of what is possible in lens design, delivering a unique and captivating experience for Snapchat users.

Tomoya AKIYAMA, a CG Artist at Designium, recently broke down the entire process of utilizing and creating with Generative AI to break barriers in a Feb 2024 Medium article. This inside look at Designium’s creative process showcases the creativity displayed by those involved in the process of creating Snapchat Lenses.

In light of Snapchat’s new service, Snapchat Camera for Chrome, Designium recognizes the immense potential for the future of Snapchat lens applications. This new service opens up exciting opportunities for developers and studios to create innovative AR experiences that can be accessed directly through a web browser, paving the way for a more seamless and immersive user experience.

As Designium continues to combine augmented reality and interactive technologies, the studio remains committed to delivering engaging and captivating experiences for users on the Snapchat platform. With the launch of these new lenses, Designium invites users to explore new worlds, interact with their surroundings, and unleash their creativity in ways never thought possible.

About Designium

Designium Inc. is a forward-thinking company that thrives on technology and innovation to craft innovative experiences. Their expertise lies in the realm of augmented reality (AR) and XR development, with a strong emphasis on integrating AR with visual positioning systems (VPS). They have been pioneers in harnessing diverse VPS services for research and development, pushing boundaries in XR creations. Since 2023, Designium has embraced Generative AI technology to enhance their projects, and they have garnered accolades for various AR endeavors, such as the acclaimed Niantic Lightship Challenge. For more information and to experience the magic of Designium’s Snapchat Lenses, visit Designium’s Snapchat Lens page at

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