Defiance ETFs Announces Index and Name Change for Defiance Future Tech ETF

Effective June 24th AUGR will be the
Defiance Next Gen Video Gaming ETF (VIDG)

today announced that it will be changing the underlying index
and name of its Defiance Future Tech ETF (AUGR).

Effective June 24th, AUGR will become the Defiance Next Gen
Video Gaming ETF (VIDG) and will track the Bluestar Next Gen Video
Gaming Index.

Augmented and virtual reality is a disruptive technology that we
continue to believe in, but we feel investors will be better served by a
fund that focuses on one of the key areas where this technology may have
significant current impacts, which is why we’re magnifying the focus of
the fund to hone in on the video game space,” said Paul Dellaquila,
Global Head of ETFs at Defiance.

VIDG will seek to provide investors a liquid and low-cost* way to invest
in companies developing and commercializing the video gaming industry.
The fund will have an expense ratio of 0.30%.

*Commissions may be charged on trades.

The Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses must
be considered carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this
and other important information about the investment company. Please
read it carefully before investing. A hard copy of the prospectus can be
requested by calling 833.333.9383.

Investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. As an ETF, the
fund may trade at a premium or discount to NAV. Shares of any ETF are
bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually
redeemed from the Fund. The Fund is not actively managed and would not
sell a security due to current or projected under performance unless
that security is removed from the Index or is required upon a
reconstitution of the Index. AR/VR and video gaming companies are
subject to intense global competition and may be smaller companies with
limited resources. AR/VR and video gaming companies may have products
that face rapid obsolescence and may also be subject to shifting
consumer preferences, including preferences with respect to gaming
console platforms and other forms of entertainment, and changes in
consumer discretionary spending, all of which may change rapidly and
cannot necessarily be predicted. The Fund is considered to be
non-diversified, so it may invest more of its assets in the securities
of a single issuer or a smaller number of issuers. Investments in
foreign securities involve certain risks including risk of loss due to
foreign currency fluctuations or to political or economic instability.
Small and mid-cap companies are subject to greater and more
unpredictable price changes than securities of large-cap companies.

The “BlueStar Next Gen Video Gaming Index™”, “BAUGTR™ Index”
(collectively “Next Gen Video Gaming Index”), is the exclusive property
and a trademark of BlueStar Global Investors LLC d/b/a BlueStar Indexes®
and has been licensed for use for certain purposes by Defiance ETFs LLC.
Products based on the Next Gen Video Gaming Index are not sponsored,
endorsed, sold or promoted by BlueStar Global Investors, LLC or BlueStar
Indexes®, and BlueStar Global Investors, LLC and BlueStar Indexes® makes
no representation regarding the advisability of trading in such

It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

VIDG is distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC.


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