Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) Announces Partnership With Vasantha Advanced Systems (VAS)

VAS Electronic Manufacturing Services and Solutions Now Available in the U.S. Through CEI

ONEONTA, NY, OCTOBER 20, 2022  ̶  Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI), a premier manufacturer of high-quality products for the military, industrial and commercial markets, announces a value-added distribution partnership with Vasantha Advanced Systems (VAS). A leading electronic manufacturing company, VAS provides innovative and customized solutions to fulfill prototyping requirements around the world. As distributor of VAS products, CEI adds to its capabilities and product offerings, while also growing its presence throughout India as well as expanding its commercial reach.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Vasantha Advanced Systems,” says Carol Brower, Vice President of Operations, Custom Electronics, Inc. “VAS’ products and services couldn’t complement CEI’s product portfolio any better. Joining VAS’ advanced electronic manufacturing capabilities and CEI’s renowned quality and reliability, our U.S. consumers will benefit by having access to a wider range of products, more comprehensive system design and cost reduction. Additionally, we look forward to leveraging Vasantha’s reputation in India to enhance our presence throughout the region.”

VAS will provide CEI with efficient and reliable electronic manufacturing services. VAS specializes in microcontroller-based products including coils, wiring harnesses and PCB design. With experience in coil indigenization, the company offers a variety of different types of coils such as solenoid, current transformers, miniature coils, ferrite transformers and drum cores. VAS also has the in-house capability to process different types of wiring harnesses, allowing for the design of jigs and fixtures to test harnesses, as well as the supply of harnesses to various industries with high reliability.

A wider range of consumers can now benefit from CEI’s offerings, as the brand’s partnership with Vasantha is an entry to the India market and additional commercial markets, expanding the capabilities of existing business and broadening both companies reach. By supplying VAS products in the U.S., new and existing CEI customers will also benefit from more advanced PCB assembly, cost reduction and systems design upgrades. Vasantha customers can also benefit from having access to CEI’s specialized mica paper capacitors and tailored high-voltage assemblies.

“We are looking forward to expanding our outreach in the U.S. market through CEI’s established reputation and reach,” says S. Chidambaranathan, Chief Executive Officer, Vasantha Advanced Systems. “Our advanced electrical manufacturing will be a great benefit to CEI’s customers, and we look forward to working together to provide systems and design specialty services to its customers.”

Discussions leading to the partnership between CEI and Vasantha were additionally facilitated through the U.S. Commercial Service’s (USCS) 2021 New York State Virtual Trade Mission (VTM) to India, in which CEI was a participant. While CEI and VAS had connected prior to the VTM, participation in the program provided CEI with extensive market intelligence and counseling from an experienced team of U.S government industry specialists across India, coordinated by USCS Senior International Trade Specialist Michael Grossman.

“It’s been great working with CEI to help the company understand the complexities of the Indian market,” says Grossman. “Access to international market intelligence is a benefit of working with the U.S. Commercial Service, and this new collaboration is a testament to that.”

Vasantha products and services are available in the U.S. through Celektronix, a one-stop shop of electronic manufacturing solutions founded by CEI. In addition to the partnership with VAS, Celektronix also offers design, development, batch production, final assembly and testing services.

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