ChildFund Launches #TAKEITDOWN Campaign to Build Public Support for Removing Child Sexual Abuse Material Online

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s CyberTipline receives more than 80,000 reports of suspected online child sexual exploitation daily

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ChildFund International, a leading global organization focused on child protection and development, today launched #TAKEITDOWN, a national campaign designed to build public support to pressure tech companies to proactively remove child sexual abuse content from their platforms. The campaign features a short film Monster about how insidious child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is now that it’s online and how little is being done to protect children from being sexually abused and exploited on the internet. The film will drive people to where the public can learn more about the dangers children face online, access resources for parents and survivors and use a simple widget to tweet at policymakers to raise awareness on the scale of the problem and ask what they plan to do to protect children online.

Child sexual abuse has exploded online. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s CyberTipline receives more than 80,000 daily reports of suspected online child sexual exploitation. While tech companies in the United States are legally required to report child sexual abuse material once they’ve been made aware of it, they’re not required to proactively search for it, there is no punishment for platforms that don’t remove it quickly and there are no standards for transparency and accountability. The goal of the #TAKEITDOWN campaign is to educate the public and build support for taking down child sexual abuse material.

“Instead of being a place for learning, playing, and connecting with friends and family, the internet has become a place rife with ways to exploit and abuse children. The #TAKEITDOWN campaign is a first step in protecting children,” said Erin Kennedy, Vice President External Affairs and Partnerships, ChildFund International. “We want technology companies to recognize their responsibility. Profit should not come before the protection and well-being of children.”

Isam Ghanim, President and CEO, ChildFund International, said, “Since stepping into the CEO role at ChildFund, I have made it a top priority for our organization to become a global leader in ending Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children (OSEAC). But we cannot do it without help – and a lot of it. We are proud to lead the Ending OSEAC Coalition, which is determined to put the issue of online child sexual violence front and center for policymakers and the general public.”

As part of the #TAKEITDOWN Campaign, ChildFund released today a four-episode docuseries featuring experts, including a parent survivor, who discuss the devastating consequences of online sexual exploitation and abuse of children, the role of tech and the need for greater public awareness and policymaker action. The four part series includes the following issue experts:

Sonya Ryan, CEO and founder of the Carly Ryan Foundation, discusses the dangers children face online and her personal experience after her daughter was murdered by an online predator.

Michelle Miller of the National Children’s Alliance reveals how the sharing of child sexual abuse material online continues to retraumatize survivors every time the image is shared, seen or traded and not removed.

Jim Cole, retired Special Agent at Homeland Security Investigations explains the tech tools that exist but are not implemented to protect children.

Alan Scott of Legacy Effects (The Hunger Games, Star Trek, Jurassic Park) and Michelle Miller of the National Children’s Alliance go behind the scenes to explain the inspiration behind the design of the monster character.

ChildFund’s #TAKEITDOWN campaign was created by WRTHY, a global social impact agency. Monster was directed by Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks with visual effects by Parliament VFX and Academy Award-nominated, Emmy Award-winning FX studio, Legacy Effects. The docuseries was directed by Ben Steinbauer of Gravy Films.

The campaign is supported by The Brave Movement, the National Children’s Alliance, The Carly Ryan Foundation, Keep Kids Safe, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Raven, the National Criminal Justice Training Center, PACT, Protect Young Eyes and Childlight Global Safety Institute. More information about the campaign and ways to take action to end online sexual exploitation and abuse of children are available at

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