Certis Expands Industry’s Only Bacteriophage Product, Introduces AgriPhage™-Fire Blight to Fight Resistance for Apple, Pear Growers

in coordination with Certis
has announced a groundbreaking new tool in the fight against
fire blight (Erwinia amylovara), releasing AgriPhage™-Fire Blight
for targeted use on apple and pear crops in Washington, New York,
Pennsylvania and Michigan during the 2019 growing season.

Already proven in the control of tomato canker, as well as bacterial
spot and speck on tomato and pepper crops, AgriPhage™ utilizes
bacteriophages, known as “bacteria eaters” which are naturally occurring
organisms that infect and kill only targeted bacteria. AgriPhage™ – Fire
Blight is the only bacteriophage product approved for use against fire
blight, its introduction expands the product line’s reach to address the
rising threat of fire blight in pome fruits.

Equally alarming to the spread of fire blight in apple and pear
orchards is the increasing resistance of the disease to antibiotics and
other conventional controls,” said Mike Allan, Certis Vice-President,
North America.

In partnership with OmniLytics, Inc., Certis has been appointed the
exclusive distributor of Agriphage Fire Blight in the USA. OmniLytics
received EPA approval of AgriPhage™-Fire Blight in late 2018, and is
today the world’s leading provider of agricultural bacteriophage
products. Certis is proud to make this product available to growers in
support of their efforts for successful disease control in this growing

Because bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics, and
other bactericides remain susceptible to bacteriophage infection, Certis
believes AgriPhage™ is a key element in unlocking answers for growers
who are experiencing fire blight infection in the face of traditional
antibiotic treatments.

NOP-approved for use in organic agriculture, AgriPhage™ presents
extremely low risk to users, beneficial species and the environment
because of the precision with which it targets only host bacteria. The
entire line of AgriPhage™ products available from Certis USA are exempt
from residue tolerance and Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) and have only a
4-hour re-entry interval (REI) for farm workers.

AgriPhage™-Fire Blight is a strong fit within an integrated pest
management program applied alone or in combination with approved
tank-mix partners for maximum fire blight control.

OmniLytics Inc. is proud to partner with Certis USA to provide an
important tool against the economic devastation to U.S. apple and pear
growers caused by Fire Blight. Our organic AgriPhage™-Fire Blight
product provides a safe, effective, and natural solution to an
increasingly challenging disease,” said Ryan Benson, Director of Sales
and Business Development.

Growers who are interested in integrating AgriPhage™-Fire Blight into
their treatment schedules for 2019 are encouraged to reach out to their
Certis sales representative. Growers new to the Certis family of brands
should visit http://www.CertisUSA.com
to inquire about AgriPhage™-Fire Blight and other biopesticide treatment

About Certis USA

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, Certis USA is a leading
manufacturer and distributor of a broad line of biopesticide products
for specialty agricultural and horticultural markets and the home and
garden market. Certis USA products provide valuable solutions by meeting
the challenges faced by today’s growers. For more information about
Certis USA, visit CertisUSA.com
and follow the company on Facebook
and Twitter.

About OmniLytics

OmniLytics, Inc. is a biotech company that is pioneering the research
and development of bacteriophage solutions for the control of pathogenic
diseases that affect the agricultural, food safety and animal health
markets. OmniLytics seeks to change the way the world treats bacterial
diseases. Located in Sandy, Utah, OmniLytics is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Phagelux, Inc., headquartered in Shanghai, China. For more
information on Phagelux, Inc. and OmniLytics, Inc., please visit www.phagelux.com
and www.omnilytics.com.


Jamie Sears Rawlings

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