Blinkist Chooses Monte Carlo to Deliver More Reliable Data Pipelines Through Data Observability

Blinkist saves 120 hours of engineering time per week with Monte Carlo

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#dataMonte Carlo, the data reliability company, today announced Berlin-based microlearning app Blinkist has selected Monte Carlo to achieve more reliable data through data observability.

As a high-growth company with over 16 million users worldwide, Blinkist leverages paid performance marketing to fuel customer acquisition — and those channels rely on accurate behavioral data to optimize campaign spend. Like many companies today, Blinkist’s data engineering teams have been challenged by broken pipelines, missing or inaccurate data, and a subsequent lack of trust in data across their organization.

Monte Carlo is an end-to-end Data Observability Platform that enables data teams at companies like Blinkist to seamlessly monitor the health of their data assets by applying the proven principles of application observability to data. Simultaneously, Monte Carlo provides CDOs and other data stakeholders with a holistic view of their company’s data health and reliability across critical business use cases.

“For Blinkist, having trustworthy and reliable data is foundational to the success of our business. When the pandemic hit, real-time data became even more crucial to understand the reality of our audience’s daily lives,” stated Gopi Krishnamurthy, Director of Engineering at Blinkist. “Any inaccuracies were both timely and costly; our team was spending 50% of their time on fixing these. Monte Carlo enabled us to adopt data reliability engineering principles and increased transparency about data health across the company.”

After onboarding Monte Carlo, the platform’s automated monitoring and intelligent alerting has already allowed Blinkist data engineers to reclaim up to 120 hours per week and enabled them to focus on innovation and product, rather than firefighting data issues. The Monte Carlo platform also helps their team build organizational trust in data by providing visibility into issues, and delivers the confidence Blinkist engineers need to implement and maintain data-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

With more reliable and accurate data in place, Blinkist marketers can now make swift decisions to improve targeting and performance, leading to higher overall revenue for the company.

“We are thrilled that Blinkist has chosen Monte Carlo as their data reliability partner,” stated Barr Moses, CEO and co-founder of Monte Carlo. “In today’s environment, data is a company’s most critical asset. Our team is proud to help Blinkist unlock the potential of their data.”

About Monte Carlo

As businesses increasingly rely on data to drive better decision making, it’s mission-critical that this data is accurate and reliable. Billed by Forbes as the New Relic for data teams and backed by Accel and GGV, Monte Carlo solves the costly problem of broken data through their fully automated, SOC-2 certified data observability platform.

About Blinkist

Blinkist is a Berlin-based microlearning app that has grown to over 16 million users worldwide since its launch in 2012. A pioneer in new audio learning formats, their library of over 4,000 titles-turned-Blinks includes topics like society and culture, wellness, parenting, leadership, and more. Blinkist products are curated by editorial experts in collaboration with high-profile, expert creators across a wide variety of fields. Their formats include Blinks, Audiobooks, and now, Shortcasts, accessible across all iOS and Android mobile devices.


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