“Awaken in Nature” eBook is Now Available

Readers Seeking Inspiration, Transformation & Happiness Will Find Their Inner Voice and True Self Immersed in Nature

DELAFIELD, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Soulforce Creative announced today that the electronic edition of “Awaken in Nature: Discover Your True Self” by Anne Marie Wall is now available through Amazon, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Apple, and Kobo. A print version of “Awaken in Nature” was published earlier this year.

“We have the power within us to unlock our full potential and experience a more conscious, healthy and satisfying life. ‘Awaken in Nature’ can help readers transcend hidden barriers and envision new possibilities that enable them to expand, grow, and gain a higher sense of self and a greater respect for nature,” said Wall. “The book describes techniques to accomplish this and opens the reader to recognizing our interconnectedness to the world around us.”

Wall describes “Awaken in Nature” as a transformational book for anyone and everyone – but especially growth-minded individuals willing to venture beyond their comfort zone to experience new opportunities that make their lives more satisfying and enriching. She began writing the book in the early months of the COVID pandemic’s lockdown when she found spending time outdoors immersed in nature re-energized her.

“The COVID-19 lockdown and pandemic caused many to re-examine their lives and make changes,” she said. “My hope is that ‘Awaken in Nature’ may help those who are open to change discover their true meaning and purpose in life by connecting more deeply with themselves through nature. Being immersed in nature is good for the heart, the mind, and the soul.”

The book’s eight chapters lead the reader through personal growth and a deeper level of understanding and consciousness of the beauty and serenity of nature. It is comprised of 62 inspirational essays that explore a hidden world of spiritual awakening and the inspiring beauty of nature. Each essay is accompanied by one of Wall’s landscape paintings, many involving outdoor activities like snow and water sports.

“Like my paintings, ‘Awaken in Nature’ is a form of self-expression. Through it, I was able to showcase my artwork, express my thoughts and share my guiding principles,” said Wall. “I began writing ‘Awaken in Nature’ to share knowledge about personal development, and help readers visualize a life they would love living. I hope it will spark meaningful conversations and lead them to rediscover themselves and reawaken to their true nature outside of their home and work life.”

She notes that creating the book has led her to a broader mission to raise awareness about the health-promoting benefits associated with nature immersion – benefits that are backed by numerous scientific studies from leading universities around the world.

“When we align our heart and mind with the natural elements, it becomes easier to listen to our inner voice – the voice of wisdom and intuition. It’s there that we can rediscover the true meaning and purpose in our lives,” she said.


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