Audio Pros Get Their Heads Around KRK’s KNS Headphones

Whether In-Studio or On Set, KNS Headphones are the Top-Choice for Educated Ears

NASHVILLE, MAY 18, 2021 KRK has been behind great music for over 30 years. KRK defines superior clarity and accuracy in professional monitors for better sounding music. KRK is the monitor of choice for music engineers and producers around the world. Great music is made with KRK.

KRK headphones, which include the KNS 6400s and KNS 8400s, provide an accurate and high-quality listening experience that is trusted by music producers, audio engineers, and production staff around the world. Whether mixing tracks in-studio, behind the scenes on production sets, or looking to obtain unaltered sound for any listening application, KNS headphones are fit for the job.

With KRK’s headphone offerings, there’s a solution for every listening need. When it comes to home/project studio applications, podcasting, or on-the-go track evaluations, the 6400s provide a precise listening experience. For those looking to take things to the next level, the 8400s are an ideal choice for critical listening and can be found in commercial studios and on production sets.   

From songwriters to producers to production crews, KNS headphones are trusted by audio professionals around the world. Some recent users include Producer/director Riley Bray, Singer-songwriter Alex Cuba, Artist/producer Danny Fornaris, Producer/engineer Jacquire King, and Singer-songwriter Daniel Rene. With nearly a century of industry-experience between them, these pros are accustomed to deploying high-performing production equipment, and with KRK’s KNS headphones, they can obtain the realistic sound they desire.   

GRAMMY Award-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer Jacquire King has worked in countless commercial studios throughout his career, making him accustomed to working with the best studio gear available. “I’ve been using the KNS 8400s for a long time now, and it’s a headphone I totally trust. They make sense to me and they relate to my KRK ROKIT 5s, which is a massive plus.”

Producer of the Bigfoot Collectors Club podcast, Riley Bray also plays bass for the Spindrift quartet and is a content creator for Gibson TV. “I’ve been using KNS headphones for years on set, in the studio, and when producing my podcast,” he says. “I can honestly say, of any headphones they are my favorite. They have the perfect amount of separation and detail so that they’re not fatiguing on the ears, and they’re very comfortable to wear for long sessions.”

Daniel Rene rose to fame as a member of Latin crossover boy band Menudo/MDO. The Miami-based singer-songwriter is a renowned vocal producer who has worked with artists including Whitney Houston. He’s also a host on “A Tiny Audience,” an intimate music show, currently airing on HBO Latin and HBO Max. “I have become obsessed with using the KNS 6400s,” he says. “The sound is perfect for me, clear and honest every time. They’re my favorite pair, even above other headphones I’ve purchased that cost hundreds of dollars more.”

Juno and Latin GRAMMY Award-winning Cuban/Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Cuba is renowned for his unique musical style that reflects Latin and African influences with a mix of funk, jazz and pop. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Gibson guitars, so as soon as KRK became a part of the Gibson family, I immediately wanted to test out the KNS headphones,” he says. “They’re extremely realistic sounding, which helps me to make objective judgements when I’m mixing tracks. I know I can trust what I hear from my KNS 8400s—I love them.”

Artist, Engineer and Latin GRAMMY Award-winning Producer Danny Fornaris is best known for his unique fusion of urban- and alternative-style production. “When I first unboxed my KNS 8400s, I put them on without playing anything, and I was surprised by how good they were at isolating external noise,” he says. “Plus, they’re extremely lightweight. More than once, I forgot I was working on headphones, which is an indicator of how good the experience is.”

From Gibson’s Director of Marketing Sterling Doak, “We are thrilled to share that there are plans in place to update the KNS line this summer. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information about the official launch—you won’t want to miss this!”

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