Around The World In A Music Dataset: GCX Expands AI’s Horizons With Global Harmonies, Its Ethical International Datasets

GCX (Global Copyright Exchange) by Rightsify is rolling out Global Harmonies, the company’s latest initiative in exponentially broadening the musical horizons of generative AI. Global Harmonies bridges gaps between local culture and global AI models by ethically providing high-quality audio of more than one-thousand unique international instruments. Then, expert musicologists produce rich datasets ready for large-scale AI model training. GCX clients using Global Harmonies can create music that appeals to, and is representative of, specific audiences all over the world.

“When we created Global Harmonies, we wanted to put together as much good data as possible and not limit our dataset offering to Western-centric music,” says Rightsify founder Alex Bestall. “Our team has been hard at work to make sure this is a project that does justice to the incredible breadth of music and musicians we’ve worked with around the world.”

Global Harmonies steers machine learning in sonically diverse directions. It includes data from more than 1,000 different instruments, all copyright compliant and ready for use in large scale music models. Whether a project has you searching for balafon or balalaika, djembe or didjeridu, Global Harmonies has it covered with millions of tracks of quality sound files amounting to over one million hours of outstanding audio. Perhaps even more importantly, Global Harmonies emerged from collaborations with skilled local performers to capture regionally significant sounds with high fidelity, in keeping with GCX’s commitment to ethical data creation.

“I’m thrilled at how almost every world instrument is represented in GCX’s and Rightsify’s datasets,” Bestall continues. These include such sounds and regions as:


  • Djembe
  • Kora
  • Balafon


  • Native American flutes
  • Marimba
  • Festejo


  • Sitar
  • Erhu
  • Koto


  • Bagpipes
  • Flamenco guitar
  • Balalaika


  • Didjeridu
  • Ukulele

…and many more instruments accessible in the Global Harmonies data.

The world is better connected than ever before, and it’s time for AI-generated music to reflect that. GCX’s Global Harmonies helps generate music that will strike the perfect chord for any region, serving the diverse needs of media companies and commercial enterprises looking to create music that is at once compelling and enjoyable for its target audiences everywhere. 

About GCX
Global Copyright Exchange (GCX) by Rightsify provides a comprehensive and compliant dataset licensing framework to developers, music and entertainment companies, and anyone else looking to train generative AI ethically. With more than one hundred years of copyright-cleared music in a wide range of genres, GCX is the only “clean” catalog with the robust metadata to support training of text-to-music and other AI models. For more information, go to

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