AMD Ryzen CPU, HP & Dell Desktop PC Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals: The Best AMD Ryzen, HP OMEN & Dell Computer Sales Rounded Up by Spending Lab

Money saving experts have found the best desktop PC & CPU Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 deals, including the latest Dell XPS desktop, HP OMEN gaming PC & AMD Ryzen processor deals

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What are the best desktop PC and processor Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 deals? Sales experts at Spending Lab track desktop PC and CPU prices and have rounded up the best AMD Ryzen processor, Dell XPS desktop and HP OMEN gaming PC deals for shoppers. Links to the latest deals are listed below.

Best Desktop PC deals:

Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales are time limited. For the full range of live deals check out Amazon’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals page and Walmart’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday home page. Spending Lab earns commissions from purchases made using the links provided.

According to the Wall Street Journal, around 350 million desktop computers are being sold every year. The sales are being aided by the updates in PC operating systems like Microsoft Windows, and CPU upgrades from brands like Dell, Ryzen, Apple, Corsair, Lenovo and HP. Consumers are still recognizing the gaps being filled up by desktop PCs which are left out by laptops and tablets.

Does Walmart have Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales? With millions of discounted items on offer, both Amazon and Walmart hold the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events during the holiday shopping season.

Amazon shoppers in the US ordered more than 180 million items over the five-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday 2018. New deals are introduced daily in every product department throughout Amazon’s entire Black Friday sales event.

Market research company eMarketer forecasts a 33% increase in Walmart’s online sales in 2019. Overtaking Apple’s spot in 2018, Walmart is the third biggest online retailer in the US, trailing e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay.

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