Ambersphere Solutions Ltd. Becomes Part of ACT Entertainment

JACKSON, MISSOURI, MARCH 18, 2024 – Ambersphere Solutions Ltd, a leading provider of professional lighting solutions in the UK, has officially become a part of ACT Entertainment, North America’s premier supplier of entertainment technology. This acquisition is a testament to the shared values and long-standing relationship between the two entities, especially in their distribution of MA Lighting and Ayrton products.

ACT Entertainment, renowned for its comprehensive offering across the professional lighting, audio and video markets, and more, serves a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry’s needs. This exciting development promises to leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver products, technical service and support to entertainment professionals worldwide. 

“We are excited to bring ACT and Ambersphere together and continue to build on our mission of providing technology for our customers to realize their creative vision,” says Ben Saltzman, CEO of ACT Entertainment. “Just like ACT, Ambersphere prides itself on offering industry-leading products with an accomplished staff of experts in sales, service, support and training. I have tremendous respect for Lee (House) and Philip (Norfolk) and am excited to work alongside them as valuable partners to our customers, extending our reach and continuing the strong tradition of excellence Glyn (O’Donoghue) created at Ambersphere.” 

The transition sees the departure of Glyn O’Donoghue and Ken Sewell, with Lee House stepping up as Managing Director alongside Philip Norfolk, who continues in his role as Sales Director. The focus remains on preserving the company’s core values while leveraging ACT Entertainment’s resources and capabilities. 

Lee House concludes, “It’s business as usual at Ambersphere. Our collaboration with ACT has always been strong, and this move is a natural progression of our ongoing relationship.” This sentiment echoes the closer ties and shared values of both companies, emphasizing continuity and the mutual goal of maintaining the highest standards of quality and service. 

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