AlexProMix and Auto-Tune Create Educational Spanish-language Content

Audio Specialist Alex Solano Creates 23 New Video Tutorials to Support Antares’ Comprehensive New Spanish-language Website

SANTA CRUZ, CA, OCTOBER 5, 2023 ― Already well known for his work educating self-taught musicians on Dolby Atmos, immersive audio specialist and founder of AlexProMix, Alex Solano, recently took another step into the education sphere. Working alongside Antares Audio Technologies, creators of Auto-Tune® and the industry standard for vocal production software, Solano has created 23 video tutorials to support the launch of the brand’s dedicated Spanish language site. The collaboration aims to provide the knowledge and guidance for Spanish-speaking musicians who prefer to engage in their native language.

“We wanted to cover the entire scope of Antares’ product line,” Solano explains. “The tutorials were designed to cater to all skill levels and aim to give users a complete understanding of Antares’ vocal production tools. As an educator, I find that I learn the most when I teach, and each Antares plugin is so unique that this ended up being both fun and educational for myself! Between creating content and copy that was distinctive for each product, I was able to learn things about the plugins that I had never known before and will assist me for both my professional mixing work and when I teach students.”

With the launch of its website and video tutorial series, Antares now offers key tools for Spanish-speaking, self-taught musicians. Solano himself knows the power these up-and-coming artists hold in the industry and became passionate about this topic during his travels south of the U.S. border. “When you head into Mexico and down through Argentina, you soon realize that not everyone speaks English,” he explains. “By bringing this educational content to Spanish-speaking countries, Antares will help bridge the gap of knowledge and know-how that’s needed for self-taught musicians.”

Beyond bridging a gap, Antares aspires to continue contributing to the growth and enrichment of the Spanish-speaking music community. “The launch of our dedicated Spanish language website and tutorial series marks an exciting point for Antares,” says Steve Berkeley, CEO, Antares Audio Technologies. “We are committed to nurturing diversity and education within our industry, and Alex has been an incredible asset to the cause. The expertise and passion he has for music production shines through in each of his contributed videos. It’s clear why he is such a respected audio technology educator.”    

From using Antares’ tools as a student, to now being the face of the brand’s Spanish site, this opportunity was truly a full-circle moment for Solano. As a teacher, Solano’s goal is to instill in his students the confidence needed to succeed in the industry. “I’ve been using Auto-Tune since grad school, so I understand the impact that Antares has had on music,” he shares. “Being able to work with the team one-on-one has been fantastic. I fully enjoyed this collaboration, and hope that the new content benefits all Spanish-speaking producers and musicians and helps them discover all the effects that Antares has to offer.”

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