5 Ways To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

Working from home became the norm over the pandemic, but for some people like freelance web and graphic designers, the stay-at-home trend is nothing new. These people have always worked from home, in offices of their own making, sourcing freelance clients across the internet. Comfort and productivity are linked, so here are a few ways to make your office space more pleasant.

#1 Change the seating

Office chairs are convenient, but they aren’t always comfortable. There are quite a few changes that you can make to your seating, some of which have clear medical benefits. Orthopedic chairs are fantastic for people with back pain. They’re engineered for maximum comfort and will help your posture. Other people swear by bean bags. Once novelty items, these chairs are nowadays used in workplaces across the world. They support your back, are soft, and (believe it or not) help to correct bad posture.

#2 Get the temperature right

Rooms that are too hot or too cold are uncomfortable and can even be unhealthy in the long term. Ensuring adequate heat in the winter is important, but too many home offices become warm and stuffy during summer. Fans can help, but some people go even further. Industrial portable air conditioners might seem like a big initial outlay, but they’ll last for years, making your office space a comfortable place to be. These units are small and easily portable, so they won’t take up too much room, but they’re capable of pumping out huge amounts of cool air.

#3 Invest in more monitors

While it can be tempting to try and save money with a single monitor solution, this leads to eye strain and stress as you try to cram too much information onto a single screen. Flicking between different tabs and windows is time-consuming too and hurts your productivity. Just one more monitor usually makes a big difference. It allows you to divide information between screens, taking a significant amount of stress out of processing vast amounts of data. 

#4 Illuminate the space

Lighting is important. Darker office spaces put a strain on your eyes but can also negatively affect your mood. Spending long periods of time in a murky space is depressing, and it certainly lowers productivity. Daylight is the best solution, so always try and situate your office in a room with ample window space. Desk and ceiling lamps are excellent solutions too, especially if you prefer to do the bulk of your work in the evening. 

#5 Don’t let the mess pile up

There are lots of reasons to keep your office space uncluttered. It saves time and increases productivity because you won’t have to root around looking for lost documents. Better still, a neat office is linked to improved mood. Spaces that are tidy and ordered are suggestive of control. You’ll simply feel more productive. If your office is cluttered, the act of clearing away the mess will give you an immediate lift, improving both the space and your mindset.

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