YR Media Launches Season Two of Inherited Podcast, Shining a Spotlight on Youth Climate Storytellers and Activists

Featuring BIPOC youth storytellers from around the globe, climate change-focused podcast now available through YR Media and Critical Frequency across all major platforms

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#YRMediaInherited, the widely acclaimed youth climate movement storytelling podcast, is back for an all-new season, featuring a fresh lineup of powerful and personal stories from young people, particularly from historically marginalized communities, grappling with the effects and injustices of climate change. In partnership with YR Media and Critical Frequency, Inherited creators and producers Georgia Wright and Jules Bradley highlight nine unique stories of young people exploring the nuances of climate change in Season 2.

New episodes drop every Wednesday, starting September 21, 2022 through October 19, 2022. The new season expands on the climate activism conversations in Season 1 to cover topics such as race, mental health, colonialism, and family.

“We are over the moon to be working with this cohort of talented storytellers, who have brought their individual perspectives and creativity to the complex subject of climate change,” said Wright, who also serves as Senior Producer on YR Media’s acclaimed Adult ISH podcast. “Season 2 grows Inherited into the collaborative climate storytelling hub it was meant to be, led by young folks, particularly those from communities typically left out of the discussion, who are coming of age in an unprecedented time for humanity.”

“As YR Media continues to grow our award-winning podcast content program, we are thrilled to highlight the voice of Gen Z, including many BIPOC perspectives, in Season 2 of Inherited,” said Ray Archie, Director of Podcast, YR Media. “In the latest installment of the show, a powerful and unique set of stories offer a wide-ranging view of the impact and inequality that climate change creates.”

Inherited has been lauded by The New York Times, which wrote of its first season: “With all the compassion and sensibilities of Generation Z, these well-told narrative episodes reveal the personal and mental-health sacrifices of some young activists, and will undoubtedly inspire you toward finding your own spheres of climate activism.”

Season 2 explores the intersection of climate change and social inequity through a series of stories told from the perspective of young people from across the globe, including:

  • “Transforming”: Georgia and Jules recap the last couple years of changes for the show and the climate movement, with help from climate activists Racheal Baker and Nik Evasco. Then, Jasmine Butler invites listeners into an immersive, Afrofuturist short story about humanity’s new relationship with other organisms.
  • “Uncovering”: Maggie Wang reflects on silence, noise pollution, disability, and empty climate promises. Jasmine Hardy reports on the environmental racism poisoning Oakland public schools.
  • “Remembering”: Kenia Hale recounts a climate-fueled windstorm decimating her family’s yard in Cleveland, Ohio. Meanwhile, Mukta Dharmapurikar visits her grandparents’ sugarcane farm in northern India to report on the young farmers affected by drought.
  • “Embodying”: Tife Sanusi interviews young African activists who have been excluded from the climate conversation as they witness its consequences play out at home. Neil Luczai invites us to join him in an experimental, embodied environmental movement meditation.
  • “Reimagining”: Denali Nalamalapu talks with queer parents of color about their decision to raise children in intentional, chosen community. YR Media Newsroom staffer Shaylyn Martos speaks to fellow CHamoru language learners from Guam and the Micronesian diaspora on reviving their Indigenous tongue and their personal connections to their island home.

Inherited is available for free across all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, Overcast, and Amazon Music. Learn more about the podcast here and follow along on social media:


YR Media (formerly Youth Radio), is an award-winning leading media, technology and music training center and platform for emerging BIPOC content creators, who use their voices to change the world. Headquartered in downtown Oakland, California, the non-profit has invested almost 30 years in helping future generations build foundational skills in journalism and multimedia content creation. They produce journalism, music, graphic design, podcasts, and documentaries that disrupt and shape the mainstream narrative.


Inherited is a critically acclaimed narrative podcast for, by, and about young people growing up in a changing climate. Inherited showcases experiential, empathy-forward stories from within the movement and beyond. Created and produced by Georgia Wright and Jules Bradley, Inherited has been featured in The New York Times, New Scientist, the CBC, Gizmodo, Vulture, Outside Magazine, Grist, and more.


Critical Frequency is a women-run podcast network that has consistently turned out chart-topping, award-winning reported narrative shows. We combine rigorous journalism and inventive storytelling to create shows that delve into the complex issues facing society today, from climate to disinformation and democracy. Named AdWeek’s 2019 Podcast Network of the Year, Critical Frequency was founded in 2017 and has produced a total of 24 shows, including productions for Crooked Media and Stitcher’s Witness Docs. Our shows have received a wide range of awards, as well as praise in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and more.


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