Yagle – A Powerful New Player

Yagle, an international martech and analytics startup, has created and launched globally today (November 12, 2020) after the successful completion of its beta launch. Yagle is a fast and effective method for digital media assessment – utilizing artificial intelligence — for businesses in any industry.

Media planners often go to great lengths to create a program for clients using a variety of methods or working with several vendors. It is nearly impossible to efficiently analyze them with traditional tools.

The Yagle tool is ideal for freelancers, smaller agencies and for small businesses. It offers optimization by audience parameters such as geography, age, gender, and interests. According to these parameters, the tool can indirectly determine the audience income. Additionally, the platform optimizes by campaign goals — awareness, conversions, traffic — ensuring the best media plan possible. The platform studies the best marketing avenues for media buying campaigns such as Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, and much more, covering 90 percent of the biddable universe of advertising programs.

The focus of this new tool is data analysis—a part of planning that is underserved by competitors such as BluHorn, Adstage and MediaOcean.

Yagle ensures that the cost (CPA, CPC, CPM) is minimized, while retaining focus on the selected metrics. This operation takes place in several cycles until the best results are obtained. Channels and budgets are generated automatically, but they can be adjusted manually.

The competitive advantages of this new tool are time: It ensures that the cost (CPA, CPC, CPM) is minimized, while retaining focus on the selected metrics. AI-Powered Solution – It uses the marketers’ internal data to create insights and present them with media opportunities that may have been overlooked. And flexible onboarding and integration — easy integration into a marketer’s current tech stack.

“We are excited to roll out our groundbreaking new tool as we close our Beta testing phase,” said Product Manager and CEO, Alena Panshina. “A great feature of our product is that campaign data from a six-month period can be processed and analyzed in just six minutes of work with our new tool—with no manual labor needed. You can even compare your current campaigns with general benchmarks such as aggregated historical data from all users.”

About Yagle
Yagle is an optimized media planning and reporting tool offering media audit services within two minutes. With the ability to link previous data history, the patented technology will create a media plan and execute. The technology was developed by mathematicians, analysts, and advertisers, working together to build a platform quickly, creating a full media plan. Yagle builds opportunities for performance tracking, visual comparison, automated reporting, linked campaigns, research models and much more. Pricing begins at $16 per month with the ability to create 20 media plans, audience segmentations, media performance tracker and more. For more information or to try the platform for free, visit yagle.com.

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