XTEND Showcases HUNTER Platform at Europe’s Largest Evaluation of Counter Drone Systems

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–XTEND, the world-leading provider of innovative XR human telepresence technology for Defense, National Security, Public Safety, and Industrial Inspection markets, recently participated in a national evaluation event hosted by the Spanish Ministries of Interior and Defense in Asturias Airport, Spain. The event featured 16 state-of-the-art counter drone technology companies to showcase and deploy their product’s compatibility with existing airport technologies.

Recognizing that counter-unmanned aircraft systems (c-UAS) are crucial for national security, the event sought solutions to prevent drone interference and other threats that endanger airports and flights.

XTEND’s SKYLORD HUNTER system, is an aerial defense platform adopted by the U.S. DoD and other world defense agencies to support military and civilian operations. The platform’s XR capabilities fuse edge technology with cognitive skills to safely perform dangerous missions on the battlefield both in the US and abroad.

“Safety is our mission, no matter the scenario. In this instance, our SKYLORD HUNTER system features air-to-air interception capabilities and instant GPS acquisition to target threatening UAS,” said Aviv Shapira, CEO, and Co-founder of XTEND. “The success of our evaluation here shows how we can revolutionize how airports across the globe are able to surveille and protect their airspace from drones and other aerial threats that endanger flights.”

Each company had to overcome two types of tests to demonstrate why their technologies are compatible with current airport communication systems and navigation. They also had to demonstrate the effectiveness of their capacities to fight against hostile drones and guarantee their designated area’s security.

XTEND had successfully intercepted a target drone on the move before allowing it to enter into the aerial area of the airport. The tests were organized and conducted by the Spanish Ministries of Interior, Defense, Transportation and the National Police and Civil Guard.

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XTEND uses advanced Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Computer Vision, Flight Control and User Experience technology, to build intuitive products for Defense, National Security, Public Safety and Industrial Inspection markets. The technology enables humans to extend themselves into action in distant remote realities. XTEND’s SKYLORD systems allow a zero-learning-curve experience to operators with no flight experience and ensures success across almost any mission variable both indoor and outdoor.


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Sage Communications (For XTEND)



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