Woven Calendar Releases Premium Version to Help Professionals Become More Productive in a Remote Work World

New premium version, which includes advanced analytics and reporting, smart templates and more, debuts as Woven doubles its user base amid the COVID-19 pandemic

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Woven, the next generation all-in-one calendar, today announced a new premium tier of features designed to help empower professional users to save time and spend it more effectively on the things that matter most. These features arrive as business practices rapidly change and require new ways of allocating and managing time.

Amid COVID-19, Woven has seen tremendous growth among its professional-grade users and remote teams. In fact, Woven has doubled its user base since businesses shifted to remote work as people look for the best ways to manage their professional and personal lives.

“We’ve seen professionals, teams and entire companies flock to Woven to manage their personal and professional schedules because people are struggling to adapt to the ways remote work functions in their daily lives and routines,” said Tim Campos, CEO of Woven. “Normal calendars were not built to handle such a blurring of the lines between home and work, but Woven helps people make sense of their time to become more productive. The latest features bring more sanity to their days.”

Woven Premium: Scheduling Tools for The Professional

Available today, Woven Premium includes open invite webinar hosting, expanded keyboard scheduling support, smart templates with smart titles, advanced analytics and unlimited calendar sync through all iOS applications.

Open Invite Webinar Hosting

Introducing Open Invite. Now users, whether hosting their own business webinars, virtual happy hours or online fitness classes, can create hosted events directly from their respective calendars. Dubbed Woven “open invites” – users can initiate events and let users sign up or register based on their interest.

Expanded Keyboard Scheduling Support

Woven’s popular iMessage app integration now has a keyboard companion. This functionality takes Woven’s mobile scheduling ability beyond just iMessage and into every app professionals use throughout the day. No matter what app they’re using, they can quickly access Woven’s scheduling keyboard making it easier to schedule, collaborate and ensure users spend time well, wherever they are and on whatever Apple device they are using.

Smart Templates w/ Smart Titles

Woven’s smart templates have been upgraded with smart titles. Now users can easily create templates for events that automatically update with participant, location or company information so users always have the right event context at the ready.

Advanced Analytics

Woven’s built-in analytics now give users more details than ever on how they spend their time. Premium users can break down exactly how they use their time and find more places to optimize and save their energy so that they can stay laser focused and effective.

Unlimited Calendar Sync

Woven’s premium tier supports unlimited Google + Microsoft 365 sync. This allows users with multiple calendars for all parts of their lives to sync it all to one place so that they can see the true picture of how they spend their time. This sets Woven far and apart as the premiere tool for providing a 360º view of time.

“Our existing users have been asking for a premium tier that supports their new ways of working, and we’re excited to deliver,” added Campos. “Time never stops, and neither should innovation. Woven is committed to persistently building useful, new ways for people to spend their time on what matters most.”

Woven Premium is available immediately. New users can try out Woven for free for 21 days. After which, Woven Premium will be $20/month. The Woven Basic version will remain free.

To download the Woven app and upgrade your calendar go to Woven.com or download Woven from the iTunes App Store, Mac App Store, or Windows App store today. Once downloaded, you can request access to the Office 365 beta.

About Woven

Woven upgrades the calendar to help people spend time on what matters most. Woven started by making shared scheduling easier with a series of calendar-integrated scheduling tools. It continued to expand with professional-grade features including smart titles, open invite webinar hosting, advanced analytics, and unlimited calendar sync.

Woven is now everywhere our users are – powering up calendars, making teams more productive, and saving time. Learn more at Woven.com or download the Woven app now – and start your free 21 day trial.


Amber Moore

GMK Communications for Woven


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