WorldStage Plays Key Role in Sessions and Showcases at LDI2021

Platinum Sponsor WorldStage, LDI’s official AV provider, will play a prominent role in the show that connects the entertainment design and technology community with manufacturers of state-of-the-art gear.  LDI2021 takes place November 15-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“WorldStage has been partnering with LDI for decades supporting the show and LDInstitute,” notes WorldStage Creative Director, Shelly Sabel.  “This year, we felt it was extremely important to do all we can to make sure that LDI is a successful show for an LDI community that’s getting back to work in a very different environment.”

The XLIVE Immersive Lounge, sponsored by WorldStage, will host a two-day, dedicated track of sessions presented on a special XLIVE stage on the show floor that transforms into an immersive lounge during off-hours.  The presentations will utilize the Sx3, WorldStage’s self-contained show system for breakout rooms.

Sabel, Senior Technology Specialist Raul Herrera, Director of Emerging Technologies Michael Kohler and Chief Technologist Matt Ward will form the panel for “XLIVE: Embracing the Familiar and the Strange,” on November 20 at 2:45 pm.  The WorldStage team will share takeaways, techniques and lessons learned in the digital space that will enhance and change our approach to live events. 

In addition, when the XLIVE stage is not in session mode WorldStage is sponsoring the XLIVE Immersive Lounge in the space with a unique and fun interactive game experience, “Installation 21.”

Driven by software written by Michael Kohler, “Installation 21” is an old-school-style, massive, single-screen, multiplayer game where attendees scan a QR code on their mobile device to join in.  The game displays on StageJack, WorldStage’s revolutionary large-format LED video platform. The interactive game was designed to provide a solution to recent health and safety problem by using QR codes and touch free interaction. 

LDI guests are also invited “backstage” at the XLIVE Immersive Lounge to learn more about StageJack, created by the WorldStage Design and Development Team.  “StageJack demonstrates that not all LED video solutions have to be multi-million dollar installations,” says Sabel.  “StageJack’s large, lightweight modular panels go together quickly, have a slim 2-foot profile and transform a space with innovative digital scenery at low cost. The massive displays, when not in game mode, are powered by Mac computers running keynote, not a media server”

LGD’s economical transparent OLED display, along with other display technologies, will also be showcased as part of the backstage tour.

WorldStage’s Vice President of Lighting, Terry Jackson will be part of Lighting Designer Clifton Taylor’s “CLIFtalks: Conversations on Art, Light and Social Justice in Our Industry” on November 20 at 11:00 am.  The free-ranging conversation will focus on the current state of the lighting industry and the kinds of changes that still need to happen to make it a fully inclusive industry that embraces and supports diversity.

“WorldStage is very pleased to, once again, support LDI on some of its technical/creative needs. This will probably be my 15th LDI and I personally feel that it’s just as important to show support in the lean years, as it is the flush years. My hat goes off to all of the vendors, manufacturers, and attendees on the show floor, this year more than any other. It is very much appreciated,” comments Jackson. 

Wrapping up the Saturday LDInnovation sessions will be “Terminal B Water Feature at LaGuardia Airport: Content and Systems Creation,” on November 20 at 3:30 pm. WorldStage Production Manager, Erica Blumrosen will reunite with the creative and technical team that devised the stunning Terminal B Water Feature at the refurbished New York City airport. The popular attraction comprises two 25-foot tall circular rings of water that fall from more than 450 individually controlled solenoid valves to create a water curtain.  The feature incorporates lighting, projection and audio in a series of shows projected onto and choreographed with the falling water.

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