World’s First Video-to-Music AI Tool ‘TemPolor’ Launches, Aims to Revolutionize Video Editing Workflow

TemPolor generates high-quality copyright-free music, based simply on video or text input, offering a cost-effective, user-friendly solution free from copyright risks for ordinary and professional content creators.

NEW YORK, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the months since Sora—an AI tool capable of generating full videos—burst onto the scene, the world of generative AI has been changed. In the same light, Suno AI, which allows users to input prompts and descriptions to generate personalized songs, has also captivated users. And then there’s Google DeepMind’s video-to-audio technology that has set new standards in sound effects generation for videos. These advancements have ignited fierce competition in the generative field.

Joining this wave of innovation, Qustar Technology proudly launches TemPolor, a game-changing AI-powered music generator designed to redefine music creation. TemPolor is the world’s first AI tool that generates music and songs with lyrics and vocals by analyzing video content input, meeting the diverse audio-visual needs of music creators and video enthusiasts.

This innovation not only showcases a significant breakthrough in generative technology but also presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the short video, film and television, and music industries. TemPolor isn’t just a tool; it’s a revolution in music creation and participation.

To begin creating music with TemPolor, users can visit the official website, or download the TemPolor app from the App Store.

TemPolor is the world's first video-to-music AI tool that generates high-quality copyright-free music based on video or text input, offering a cost-effective and easy solution for content creators.

The Ultimate Tool for Effortless Music Generation 
TemPolor offers two primary input modes in its beta version: text and video. Users can describe the desired music they want through text, or upload videos to let the AI generate a complete soundtrack that matches the video’s content and tone.

In addition to generating pure music, TemPolor can create songs with lyrics and vocals. The tool’s ability to understand video frames’ subtle changes and complex music features ensures that the generated soundtracks are fully compatible with the visual content. See TemPolor in action:

Currently, TemPolor supports various video formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI, and exports audio in MP4 and WAV formats. It can generate up to 90 seconds of music for video inputs and up to 5 minutes for text-based inputs. The generated music can be accompanied by subtitles and cover tags, ready for sharing on social media platforms. Best of all, TemPolor is free to use. Watch TemPolor convert text to music:

For ordinary users, TemPolor makes it easy to add personalized, high-quality background music to home videos, social media content, vlogs, and personal projects without any prior musical knowledge.

For professionals, meanwhile, TemPolor offers a powerful tool to inspire creativity and improve efficiency. It can generate pro-level songs, making it suitable for soundtracking advertisements, documentaries, movies, and even AI-generated movie theme songs.

Making Synchronized Audio-Visual Generation Possible
The power of TemPolor lies in breaking the limitations of AI in music understanding and generation. The core research and development team comprises experts from top tech companies and universities, including the University of Southern California. Between them, they have developed leading technologies featuring multimodal large models, picture emotion understanding models, and music large models.

These allow TemPolor to not only recognize changes in the brightness, color, and emotions of the video screen, but also understand the complex features of the music such as chords, melodies, lyrics, and singing styles, resulting in highly compatible video soundtracks.

A Vision for the Future
The global music market, projected to reach $163.7 billion* in revenue by 2030, stands to benefit immensely from AI music tools like TemPolor. By democratizing music creation, it allows everyone to participate in the creative process, fostering innovation and growth in the industry.
“TemPolor is committed to simplifying the entire process of video soundtrack and music creation through AI technology,” says Jason Jia, Vice President of Qustar Technology. “Our goal is to free users from the constraints of professional music theory knowledge, complex production processes, and expensive copyright fees, allowing them to enjoy the fun of music creation. And we’re excited to further explore the amazing things we can do with AI and artistic creation to create greater value for users and the industry.”

About Qustar Technology
Based in Singapore and established in 2019, Qustar Technology is at the forefront of innovation in music creation. Their mission is to redefine the future of music creation with the power of technology. Through cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, they aim to democratize music production, making it accessible, efficient, and inspiring for creators of all levels. For more information visit: 

*Music in the Air: Focus on monetization, Emerging Markets and AI; updating global music industry forecasts. (2024). In Goldman Sachs. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Retrieved June 20, 2024, from

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