World Mobile Token to Open Its First EarthNode Auction

Tortola, British Virgin Islands–(Newsfile Corp. – May 31, 2022) – World Mobile Token (WMT) has announced the launch of its first EarthNode auction, allowing anyone to reserve an EarthNode and earn from powering the World Mobile network. The EarthNode auction will take place on 31st May 2022 through the World Mobile Token website.

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World Mobile Token to Open its First EarthNode Auction

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WMT holders previously had the chance to stake tokens for six months and become eligible to own one of one thousand available EarthNodes. Those who missed this early opportunity will now be able to bid on the remaining available nodes in this auction and reserve an EarthNode.

EarthNodes are the core of the World Mobile ecosystem, processing transactions on the underlying blockchain and helping to secure the network, and those who run EarthNodes earn via the sharing economy.

EarthNodes operate a number of modules, including:

  • A decentralised identity module that provides an authentication layer and identity services.
  • A blockchain module to provide the ledger layer.
  • A telecoms module to provide telecommunications services and internode communication

Although owners can operate EarthNodes from anywhere in the world, the World Mobile network they power will first go live in Africa, then expand worldwide by the end of the year.

The World Mobile Token fuels the disruptive sharing economy of the World Mobile network, allowing tokens earned by EarthNode operators to grow with the network’s expansion.

Those who run AirNodes and AetherNodes can also earn for their contribution to the network. AirNode operators deliver last-mile access to the World Mobile network, while AetherNode operators act as a bridge between the network and legacy infrastructure.

Based on this model, World Mobile is building a global hybrid blockchain-based mobile network, aiming to deliver universal, high-quality and affordable Internet access to 3.7 billion unconnected people around the world.

By allowing anyone to join the network, offer connection to a global mobile operator, and earn, World Mobile hopes to create new and exciting economic opportunities and reboot the telecommunications industry.

About World Mobile Token

World Mobile Token is the token that powers the World Mobile network, the first mobile network built on the blockchain. World Mobile Token is a native asset on the Cardano blockchain and is used as the utility token in the World Mobile Chain token economy. World Mobile Chain is a decentralized telecommunications network that provides a sharing economy that aims to enable the delivery of Internet access to half of the world that is not connected. The primary role of World Mobile Token is to power the sharing economy that is at the heart of the network. All transactions generated on the network will be rewarded in WMT to node operators and stakers. Transactions on the network are generated via calls, text messages, streaming, internet browsing, or by using any other value-added services such as healthcare, insurance, micro-loans, and more offered through the World Mobile service.

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