Wonder Painter: The New Technology That Turns Anything Into Animation

BEJING, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Wonder Painter created by Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies Ltd, an innovative new technology that integrates human-computer interaction, computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, announces success cases and news of increased attention through the first half of the year by exhibiting at high-profile events.

Wonder Painter was showcased for the first time to the world at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. In August 2018, during SIGGRAPH, the premier conference of computer graphics, Wonder Painter was invited to give a spotlighted demonstration for its uniqueness and innovation and voted the third favorite technology by the live audience. Wonder Painter also exhibited at CES 2019 and GDC 2019 with its new technical solution for content producers, advertisers, game developers, toy manufacturers and attracted much attention.

As one of many successful cases, LG’s nationwide smart TV service in South Korea integrated Wonder Painter technology in its products in 2018. During this collaboration, Wonder Painter offered SDK and Cloud technology, providing the interactive experience to 2 million TV users. The interactive stories they developed together were viral and raised a lot of brand awareness in South Korea. Besides, Wonder Painter also works with internet giants such as Baidu. AI artist, a new online game by Baidu, using Wonder Painter Cloud, gained millions of players and ranked the most popular game in the Baidu mobile App.

Wonder Painter technology turns anything into animation, take a photo of your painting and watch it become animated and interactive in a story

Wonder Painter works like magic.
All you need is your creativity, to draw whatever comes to your mind, take a photo of any object or even people, to instantly watch it become animated and interactive in a story, message, or any narrative. It works seamlessly on phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, game consoles, VR headsets, integrates with AR, theme park installations, interactive kiosks, and all kinds of devices.

Wonder Painter offers a set of tools to let anyone create content and let their imagination run wild. Customers, such as content producers, advertisers, educators, game developers, toy manufacturers, or even independent authors, can create a storyline or a message outline seamlessly integrated with their branding. The target audience can add their drawings, artwork, or photos to stories and video games and see it inside the interactive media experience, as part of the interactive animation or story reflecting that message.

Content creators and publishers have all needed features available via a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for various operating systems and hardware platforms, as well as in the Wonder Painter Cloud services. It enables Wonder Painter technology seamless integration with custom applications or products, be it a mobile app, a game, a smart toy, or any combination of software and hardware that can benefit from these solutions. Wonder Painter Cloud breaks even more barriers, as it allows integration in any web-page, including mobile, or even within an existing app such as Facebook or Snapchat, without the need to install or set up additional software.

“We provide a new interactive media form for various markets, Wonder Painter leads the audience to have a greater sense of participation, interactivity, and lets them fully unleash their creative potential,” says Wonder Painter CEO Xiang Cao.

Aside from big brands and publishers, Wonder Painter also provides easy to use technologies that are fun to work with, available for independent content creators and indie developers. Wonder Painter makes it easy to bring the interactive experience into their content and products, making them more interactive and engaging, letting their users become the protagonists of the experience created. It encourages the audience to open, watch, replay, and share the content, as well as attracting other people also to take part and play.

All the Wonder Painter integration options, such as the SDK, Cloud services or plugins, allow publishers or content creators, big or small, to focus on the creative content, seamlessly integrate this technology in a simple and straightforward workflow. Without the need for overwhelming and unnecessary tasks or steps, but deliver a much more interactive and exciting experience to their audience, like magic.

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