White Clay Plans to Launch New Artificial Intelligence Service to Enhance Customer Primacy

Service addresses financial institutions’ struggle to determine primacy and drive profitability efforts amid rising economic pressures

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–White Clay, a company that provides financial institutions with a single source of truth to optimize revenue and deliver value to customers and shareholders, today announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) service, an add-on to its existing platform.

White Clay has created an AI service that helps financial institutions accurately measure and enhance customer primacy. This tool shows bankers which customers are the most profitable, and provides guidance in steering other customer relationships toward their institution’s ideal state.

First Keystone Community Bank is the first White Clay client to leverage the new AI service. Jonathan Littlewood, Chief Lending Officer and Vice President at the bank commented, “As the first client to use the AI tool, we’ve already begun uncovering new opportunities to positively affect our bottom line. Moreover, our bankers can now dedicate hours to nurturing our most impactful client relationships.”

White Clay’s platform helps financial institutions increase shareholder return by building a clean, enterprise-wide data environment, analyzing account- and client-level profitability, and putting tools in the hands of bankers to improve client relationships. By leveraging AI, White Clay is giving bankers another powerful tool to provide value for clients and shareholders. The tool is adaptive; it learns the specific factors relevant to each financial institution that impact primacy to describe and predict the impact of changes across the lifespan of each customer. Those leveraging the service can identify which relationships can be improved to increase profitability, lifetime value, and duration. Bankers get fast and referenceable information about each client, providing the confidence and insight to have more meaningful conversations with the clients for which they are responsible.

Mac Thompson, Founder and President of White Clay, said, “At White Clay, we deliver technology that is valuable for both financial institutions and their clients. Our new AI service does just that, empowering bankers to become trusted advisors to their clients. Bankers will now have a more detailed view of their client profiles, allowing them to better understand their clients’ needs and offer more relevant products and services that add real value to those relationships.”

The AI service will be widely available in Spring 2022 and will include capabilities for both retail and business lines.

About White Clay

White Clay combines and curates financial institutions’ data then builds in intelligence to create a single source of truth that improves profitability and drives revenue. The platform helps bankers understand their customers better by providing them with a clear view of their product usage, activities, and transactions. This serves as the foundation for financial institutions to drive revenue, optimize capital, improve liquidity, and deliver shareholder value. Learn more at www.whiteclay.com or follow us on LinkedIn.


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