Whatnot Raises the Stakes to Find Triple Logoman Card Valued at More Than $3M

The live shopping platform announces bounty for highly coveted card

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Whatnot, the largest independent live shopping platform in the US, is raising the stakes in the card collector community by issuing a bounty on the LeBron James Triple Logoman basketball card, found in Panini’s 2021 Flawless Basketball briefcase product. Whatnot is offering a 2021 Lamborghini Huracán to anyone who finds the rare card and sells it via its livestream app. The card, which is estimated to be valued between $3-5M, is the most sought-after card in the sports collector world today.

The popularity of card collecting has risen over the last couple of years, with “23 of the 24 most expensive sports trading card sales of all time” completed since February 2020. Panini’s 2021 edition of Flawless Basketball sits at the top of the modern high-end market and has doubled in value since its release in January 2022, from $10,000 to a current value of about $20,000. The ultra-premium product comes in a custom-designed briefcase with only 10 sports cards included. It is speculated that there were around 6,000 boxes made for release and now only a few hundred remain up for grabs, with one of the most popular artists in the world recently joining the hunt for the rarest card.

“The sports cards industry is captivated by the chase of the one-of-one Lebron Triple Logoman,” says Eric Shemtov, Head of Sports at Whatnot. “In the spirit of our passionate community, we’re leveling up the stakes with our own reward and we’re looking forward to the card being pulled on Whatnot.”

To accelerate and encourage the search for the rare card, Whatnot will be giving away six Panini NBA Flawless boxes through the platform’s top influencers. Each stream will host a night of suspense as viewers anxiously await the historic moment where the card could potentially get drawn. Starting Wednesday, May 4 through Monday, May 9, the programming lineup is as follows:

For more information and rules on the bounty, please visit: https://whatnotbountyhunt.com

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