What Are the Main Types of Online Video Games?

Nothing beats the excitement of online video gaming – and so we have written this list of the best video games you can play with others on the internet

Online gaming has become an incredibly popular form of entertainment in recent years, keeping people preoccupied for several hours every day. With new gaming technology being invented every day, there’s so much to choose from. And so, today we are going to be looking at the main types of online video games and discussing why exactly these have been so successful with audiences. Keep reading if you’re an avid gamer and want to find out more.

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1.) First-Person Shooter

One of the most popular video game franchises of all-time is Call of Duty. These games are based in wartime and are classified as first-person shooters. They aim to test your hand-eye coordination, reflexes and instincts. Gamers can participate in first-person shooter online tournaments and compete against one another, battling until they’re the last person standing, or their team has won the war.

2.) Real-Time Strategy

Moving on from fast-paced first-person shooters, we have real-time strategy games. Gamers can also play these online against one another. These video games are essentially virtual boardgames. They give players the time to plan and create an impeccable strategy for taking down their enemies – or rather their friends and online opponents. They’re perfect for people who love games like chess.

3.) Online Casinos

Going down a different route yet again, money-orientated gamers usually enjoy visiting an online casino. These typically offer different iGaming activities, such as slots machines and bingo rooms. If you love the classic table games – like solitaire, poker and roulette – you can also play live rounds with other participants at most online casinos. All bets are off when it comes to these fun games of chance.


Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, also known as MMORPGs, have been somewhat of a gaming sensation. Millions of players across the world absolutely love these online video games and spend countless hours on them. You can control the actions of a custom-made fantasy character and embark on quests with other internet players. It’s the ultimate form of escapism.

5.) Battle Arena Games

Online battle arena games are a subgenre of strategy games, where people form teams online and move together against their opponents. The objective is to take out the rival team’s main base. As you progress, your character will become stronger and be able to contribute to the team in different ways. 

6.) Online Battle Royale

If you want to get your heart pumping, then playing an online battle royale is the way to go. These video games combine survivalist elements with the ‘last man standing’ trope, making for a thrilling adventure as you race against your competition. These video games have also become popular in the streaming community. Similarly to the gladiators, people enjoy watching other gamers participate in a battle royale online.

These are some of the most popular types of online video games. From first-person shooters which test your coordination to calculated games of strategy, there’s something for everyone to enjoy playing.

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