VueXR Launches Free XR Media Publishing Platform in India and USA

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5G–VueXR, founded in India with operations in Los Angeles, California, has recently launched a platform bringing augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality to iOS and Android smartphones across the world. Audiences today engage with content more passively, while the future will engage in spatially real-world first-person interactive media. As we cross the intersection of supercomputing and 5G data to augment 3D digital assets in our own physical space, we make sharing ideas more engaging, streamlined, and simply intuitive.

In 2015, while working in their hometown of Gujarat, India, VueXR founders, Ankit and Sanket, recognized a gap in the commercialization of XR technology. As seasoned engineers and Unity developers, they envisioned a world where XR computing would revolutionize the storytelling of the future. Their creation, VueXR (Visual User Experiences in Extended Reality), allows anyone to use XR as a medium to communicate ideas.

“VueXR will transform the way people engage with XR media content in their daily lives,” says CEO Sanket Kale.

Historically, people have communicated ideas via imagery and video. Now, this can be done in XR leveraging 6dof (six degrees of freedom) to move around in the digital space in all directions. Share XR emojis, send XR wishes, showcase animated XR movie trailers, share XR game trailers, showcase XR architecture, share educational concepts in XR, and XR tutorials. The creative options are endless. Further minimizing barriers to use, the VueXR app allows users to take traditional photos and videos while experiencing XR and share them directly into their own XR channel on VueXR or even other social media.

As the world transitions into the fourth wave of consumer technology after PC, Web, and Mobile, XR is a term VueXR founders, Ankit Patel and Sanket Kale, believe we will see a lot more of. As shared media is a part of our everyday life, just like the video was in the mid-2000s, XR is the newest way to connect with our friends, family, and the following. Currently, businesses have to go through extra efforts to create XR strategies as part of their marketing campaigns, a luxury only the companies with big budgets can afford. With VueXR, anyone and everyone can create interactive and immersive XR experiences on their own XR channel. VueXR’s innovation lies within its unique set of APIs and algorithms, which work independently of external AR SDKs. Users can create new assets within a custom channel that can be easily shared with the world. Engagement features such as location-based geotags and XR selfies allow users to leave their XR footprints behind.

“XR is more than just a trend. People need to explore it to its full potential. VueXR lets you explore creativity in XR right through your smartphones,” says COO Ankit Patel.

VueXR is the first of its kind end-to-end XR media publishing platform available for free to use today via the Android and iOS app stores. It is compatible with mobile and tablet smart devices without the need for any external hardware. VueXR is your entry-level XR solution that makes sharing ideas in XR as easy as just upload and share. It provides a global stage for communication, entertainment, and education in XR. You can visit or find the Unity3D plugin on the Unity Asset store. VueXR can be used for showcasing real-life scale architectural structures using precise GPS, taking VR tours through historical marvels, exploring custom interior designs of houses and flats, communicating brand promotions, demonstrating real-life scale product demos, presenting a 3D music album or game trailer right in the physical space of the viewer. At VueXR, creativity is the limit.

For the future, plans for VueXR include rolling out applications for head-mounted Mixed Reality devices like Hololens, Oculus, MagicLeap, Nreal, Vuzix, and Jio Glass, allowing users to experience creativity in XR in all mixed reality glasses. VueXR also plans to build a plugin for developers to integrate its XR media player into third-party applications allowing developers to leverage its technology to the fullest without uprooting users from established social ecosystems.

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About VueXR LLC

VueXR LLC is an extended reality company with a philosophy that XR is not just a technology, it’s a medium to communicate, entertain, and educate in any physical space. VueXR provides a platform that empowers people to express ideas, share creativity, explore the extended reality world. For more information, visit


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