Veteran Entertainment Agency MOCEAN Named Creative and Strategic Agency Partner for Major Consumer Brands Lucid Motors and Riot Games Music

Known for its award-winning campaigns for film, streaming and television, MOCEAN evolves to new strategy-led model for major consumer brands

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MOCEAN, the creative production agency serving iconic brands, today announced its evolution to a strategy-led model that will support a wide array of clients, from entertainment to consumer brands like Lucid Motors and Riot Games Music.

The Los Angeles-based agency has been a powerhouse for entertainment studios like Disney, Marvel, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon, helping to grow loyal fan bases and drive awareness for major films and streaming series. MOCEAN provides strategy, branding and design services, full-service production and post, print and digital advertising, and social media services.

For more than 30 years, MOCEAN has created campaigns that build and grow fan bases for entertainment giants and is now evolving its marketing footprint to do the same for modern consumer brands.

Today’s announcement names MOCEAN as strategic and creative partner for two major consumer brands, further demonstrating MOCEAN’s transformation journey to full-service agency for all categories of brands.


This year MOCEAN partnered with Lucid Motors, the electric vehicle manufacturer based out of California, to provide creative and social collaboration. While competitor brands continue to tell ESG and emissions stories behind their vehicles, through unique creative and engaging social campaigns, MOCEAN aims to electrify consumers with the true technological revolution story.

The agency expanded their scope with Riot Games Music, which is part of Riot Games Entertainment division. RMG came to MOCEAN seeking innovative and superior creative power, given the agency’s longstanding history with entertainment clients. Riot Games Music tapped MOCEAN as their creative partner, as they recognized that priorities in an entertainment campaign are very similar to those of the gaming industry: building anticipation and staying authentic to a loyal yet discerning fan base.

MOCEAN’s President Michael McIntyre said: “We love the entertainment business. The passion, creative spark, and commitment to excellence is in our DNA. What’s exciting for us is that modern consumer brands are viewing themselves more and more like entertainment in order to reach audiences in new and unique ways. That shift in self-perception has given MOCEAN the opportunity to bring the same entertainment-style marketing to a broader client base. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring new fans to Lucid Motors and Riot Games Music.

MOCEAN’s Chief Operations Officer, Erica Coates, said: “The evolving marketing landscape has created a desire for brands to ‘eventize’ their products and services, just as we have done for our entertainment clients for decades. Our evolution houses strategy, creative, production and execution all under one roof so that we can provide efficiency and speed to our clients, while still delivering emotive, results-driven campaigns.”

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Three-time “Entertainment Agency of the Year” award-winner MOCEAN is a unique collaboration of creative, production and strategy experts working together under one roof. Our teams of copywriters, designers, film directors, editors, animators, social strategists, and more have re-defined the modern agency experience from start to finish. Partnering directly with media giants such as Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Warner Media — MOCEAN is recognized for creating the kind of strikingly original campaigns that energize audiences and consumers alike. Visit to learn more.


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