Vahagn Stepanyan Widens His Mix With NUGEN

Stereoizer, Monofilter and MasterCheck Plug-ins Deliver Complete
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YEREVAN, ARMENIA, FEBRUARY 25, 2020 – As the owner of Armenia’s premier recording studio, accomplished music producer, songwriter, composer and keyboard player Vahagn Stepanyan has worked with an impressive resume of musicians and industry experts across the globe. To deliver pristine audio on his clients’ streaming projects, Stepanyan relies on the Stereoizer, Monofilter and MasterCheck plug-ins from NUGEN Audio.

Stepanyan uses Stereoizer and Monofilter on tracks and buses when he needs a wider sound. “I like how wide I can make things using Stereoizer,” he adds. “Being able to pan left and right to control the sides, while also pushing the low-end with Monofilter has been a huge benefit. I’ve tried similar solutions, but most are not mono compatible and negatively impact the signal. These NUGEN plug-ins don’t mess up the mono and the amount of the control I have with the software is really good.”

The simplicity and wide variety of the presets are among the top reasons Stepanyan continually turns to these plug-ins. “The software can be particularly useful in adjusting how the audio track sits in the mix,” he says. “I like the extra dimension that Stereoizer adds to the mono sounds, being able to turn mono tracks into natural-sounding stereo.”

For mastering projects, it’s very important to Stepanyan that whatever he puts on the master channel sounds really good on all platforms. “Whenever I do the mastering, I really like to check how the track will sound via streaming services, particularly for YouTube,” he explains. “I check each streaming platform and I will only export my project if it sounds perfect.”

Stepanyan, an official GRAMMY® voting member, has worked with an impressive list of musicians and industry experts. This includes Eric Marienthal, Nathan East, Eric Moore, Anthony Crawford, Mark Lettieri, Henrik Linder, Ida Nielsen and Jack Thammarat. In addition, Stepanyan manages YouTube post-production for Chaka Khan’s bassist Melvin Lee Davis and works with GRAMMY-winning mastering engineers Randy Merrill of Sterling Sound and Evren Göknar of Capitol Studios.

No matter what project he is working on, Stepanyan’s number one priority is using only the best gear. “My studio here in Armenia was built by one of the best American acoustic designers, J. Brandy,” he explains. “We wanted it to be a space that would rival the biggest commercial studios. At one point, I had some issues with what I was hearing on my monitors, so I did some research and came across MasterCheck from NUGEN. I did a demo trial and was blown away by the quality of the product. It really is the best option on the market. I have been using it ever since.”

In addition to his NUGEN software, Stepanyan uses Apple Logic Pro integration, Focal and Kali audio monitors, Avedis Audio preamps and Antelope Audio’s Orion 32+ Gen 3, along with a wide assortment of microphones and a range of keyboards, including Nord Stage 3, Roland and Nektar, IK Multimedia, Nektar, Xkey air, ROLI Seaboard.

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