UTM:Healthcare Launches Free App ‘My MedCheck’ to Help Consumers Identify COVID-19 Symptoms

HUDSON, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RemotePatientMonitoring–Mobile health technology company UTM:Healthcare has released My MedCheck, a free smartphone app that can help consumers track key medical indicators of serious respiratory infections such as COVID-19.

The My MedCheck app seamlessly connects with certain Bluetooth-enabled digital thermometers and pulse oximeters, automatically reading body temperature and oxygen saturation data from the digital devices and interfacing with the Apple Health app for iPhones and the Google Fit app for Android-powered smartphones.

“While our company is known for its app-based remote patient monitoring solutions used by physicians and health systems to track the vital signs of patients in their homes, we created this free app to put a similar resource in the hands of everyday people,” said Seth Lachterman, partner and co-founder of UTM:Healthcare. “Fever and low oxygen saturation levels are often associated with COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases, and My MedCheck is designed to help users keep track of those stats and stay healthy during this pandemic.”

Consumers without access to Bluetooth-enabled devices can manually enter their body temperature and blood oxygen saturation measurements into the My MedCheck app. The data is stored securely on the user’s smartphone, not on a cloud server database, to ensure privacy that is consistent with HIPAA guidelines.

While My MedCheck allows consumers to easily monitor their temperature and blood oxygen saturation levels, the data should be shared with a medical professional as part of an integrated health and wellness plan.

Consumers can download the My MedCheck app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play app store. More health metrics are expected to be added in future app updates.

About UTM:Healthcare

UTM:Healthcare, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of UThisMe, LLC (YouThisMe), which developed UTM:RPM, a simple, secure remote patient monitoring system that allows patients to remain in their homes while giving providers essential information for managing chronic conditions and avoiding hospital readmissions. For more information, visit www.utmhealthcare.com.


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