Using IT to Help Your Creative Teams in 2020

There’s a common myth in the business world that your creative teams prefer the pen and the pad of paper to the computer and the keyboard. In the modern era, and despite the rollout of some of the most advanced creative software the world has ever seen, this assumption presides over thousands of creative professionals working in businesses across the world. In fact, creative jobs are being augmented and supported by excellent IT infrastructure that works to the strengths of creative workers. This short article aims to explain how you can fuse your creative team with the tech they need to succeed.

Creative Software

Your creative workers rely on creative software to produce excellent work. In general, the labor of your creative professionals will take place on the software suites provided by such firms as Adobe, which has serviced creative professionals for years. It’s your duty, as a business manager, to pay for the contract that grants your creative workers into this software.

Meanwhile, though, there are other smaller add-ons to the creative software suite that you can bring in to help your creative workers. For instance, being able to store and organize files is incredibly important for those workers who are editing videos and pictures. These cloud-based and centralized files can be set up by your IT team to make it easy for staff to create remotely, and at speed, in 2020.


Creation and collaboration always go hand in hand. Even your copywriter, who may typically work alone under your digital editor, will need to be able to talk to different departments and creatives in order to understand what’s expected of them. As such, you need to create the space in the digital world to help your staff collaborate effectively as they create.

How can you achieve this? Well, for a start, you need to consider how to enable video conferencing between your staff. This helps to get them on the same page for a project. Instant chats are also useful for bouncing ideas between professionals, while online presentations can help to finalize projects and get the green light from managers across the business.

IT Support

Many creative professionals are highly-skilled in their discipline, but less adept at handling complex programs to which they are not accustomed. It’s in these cases, and in light of the remote working that the world is becoming increasingly dependent upon, that IT support can be crucial to your ongoing success.

As such, whenever you make complex IT changes within your business, you should always look to support and advice to help you implement them and to retrain your staff to use them effectively. Use 24×7 IT Solutions to support you through the modernization process that you’re working on, helping you and your staff to onboard the technologies you need to create and collaborate in 2020 and beyond.

Creatives need space and the tools to work at their best and this article aims to provide both — offering tips on digital infrastructure to help boost your creative department this year.

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