Using CRM to Fine-Tune Your Value Stream

Think of the size of a business and the number of departments involved. The overall business operations encompass every group and every single employee. With business operations, the two things that come to mind immediately include your individual business processes and how you manage your customer base. Management of a customer base through a CRM solution allows you to analyze customer data and make the most of it while incorporating an ideal business process along the way.

Focusing on the Business Processes First

With a bpm’online CRM solution, you can begin analyzing individual business processes. The goal is to use the software to find areas where you can extract efficiency and make things run smoother across the board. When using CRM software solutions you can find your ideal business process flow and then have software assist in your management of it.

When was the last time you built out your value stream map? A value stream map takes your product and your current business process and maps it to future occurrences. In the map, your product begins as parts and ends up in the hands of a consumer. A value stream mapping process that is tailored to the CRM solution can help with interactions between departments, hand-offs, exchanging information, and more. This can allow you to better manage all departments and cut down silos across the organization.

Honing in on Customers With CRM

CRM (customer relationship management) software is a powerful tool that allows you to manage customer data from start to finish. Use CRM to begin with the base of customers. Allowing your sales representatives to track who they speak with, and the outcome of those discussions, will help to create a level of clarity you did not have before.

With CRM you can ensure that you are maximizing the customer base, turning as many customers into sales dollars as possible, and generating revenue. A good CRM provides a unique dashboard and user interface, all with the ability to help you track customers, their behaviors, your interactions with them, and more.

There is nothing more embarrassing than two sales representatives from the same company calling the same potential customer on the exact same day. With CRM this should never happen because all that tracking is going to take place right in the software, showing the interaction and the outcome, as well as any applicable notes for followup.

Access Data From Anywhere

New cloud solutions are leading the way in the CRM space where companies can access customer data in real-time. This can occur from the office, from a mobile device, etc. You can personalize things such as customer service and e-mail marketing tactics to connect all platforms and departments with the right customer data, providing the most personalized experience possible. A research report by Nucleus found that for every $1 spent on CRM, companies made back $8.71. This dollar amount has increased steadily over the past decade as well.

Sales Gains in the Short and Long-Term

You need to invest in a CRM. Finding solutions that are capable, flexible, and accessible on the web from any device is pivotal. Accessing customer data, calendars, dashboards, and all other analytics on the fly can help to erase issues with hand-offs or communication. Make it a seamless experience and provide sales representatives confidence in the power of data. With the data in hand, each sales representative and your business overall will operate more efficiently, increase revenue, and drive growth.

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