UNISTELLAR’s ENVISION Set to Disrupt the Smart Binocular Market

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UNISTELLAR’s latest innovation, ENVISION smart binoculars, is set to redefine the way enthusiasts explore the skies and earth. The campaign has already raised more than $1.5 million.

Crafted by the trailblazing innovator behind the world’s most advanced and user-friendly smart telescopes, ENVISION combines high-quality, multicoated optics, designed in collaboration with Nikon, with augmented reality (AR) features, enriching the viewing experience by overlaying contextual information directly onto the user’s natural field of view.

With instant access to a comprehensive database of maps and contextual information, users will be able to stargaze like seasoned astronomers and explore landscapes like professional guides. Seamlessly integrating with a smartphone via the dedicated App, ENVISION provides a vivid, intuitive, and highly detailed experience, on Earth and beyond.

Key Features of ENVISION Smart Binoculars

  • Smart Scouting Mode: A 3D map overlay provides detailed contextual information about landmarks, water sources, trails, and points of interest, plus celestial objects above you.
  • Guided Navigation Mode: At night, the App suggests stars, comets, and other celestial objects to explore. During the day, visual cues guide you to sought-after points of interest.
  • Shareable Target-Lock Mode: Lock onto any target and the binoculars will guide friends precisely to the same target for a shared experience.
  • Classic Optical Mode: Switch off the AR overlay to enjoy a high-quality pair of classic binoculars.

“Just as we reshaped the backyard telescope market, we eagerly anticipate being able to bring this extraordinary product to life to redefine the binocular experience,” said Laurent Marfisi, co-founder and CEO of UNISTELLAR. “Like we did for our previous successful telescope campaign, you can help us reach the necessary order size to start the mass production of this visionary project on Kickstarter while getting ENVISION at a fantastic discount.”

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UNISTELLAR is dedicated to democratising access to the universe through its revolutionary smart telescopes, which have won multiple awards at CES and established partnerships with SETI Institute and NASA for unique citizen science programs. UNISTELLAR’s mission is to make space, and now Earth’s exploration much more exciting and enjoyable for consumers.

For more information about UNISTELLAR and the upcoming ENVISION smart binoculars, visit http://www.unistellar.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.



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