UCLA Selects Envivo Replay as a Coaching Tool

Portland, OR, June 6, 2019 – UCLA Athletics has selected Envivo Replay to help analyze player performance during team practice.

“Our customer base continues to help us design and improve our products to their liking, they even find uses for Envivo that we hadn’t thought of,” said Olaf Bahr, Variant Systems Group Co-Founder and Vice-President of Marketing. “UCLA, for example, brilliantly thought of an idea of how their coaching staff can utilize a replay system, like Envivo, in areas of team practices and player performance review.

Launched at the 2017 NAB SHOW, Envivo Replay offers a complete replay solution packaged in an intuitive user interface with continuous multiple iso-channel recording capabilities, simultaneous clip storage of multiple angles to clip bins, playlists for highlights playback, built-in branding capabilities, direct publishing to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, and Sina Weibo as well as support for high speed super slow-motion cameras.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to work with the UCLA Athletic Staff and Coaches to optimize Envivo Replay as a coaching tool,” said Adolfo Rodriguez, Variant Systems Group Co-Founder and CEO. “We provide a user-friendly touch screen interface that allows anyone to very quickly become a replay operator and start contributing to the story telling process of live sporting event coverage but these same capabilities make it the perfect coaching tool.”

Variant Systems’ Envivo Replay is sold all over the world, and exclusively by FOR-A in North, Central and South America.  The distribution agreement enables live event producers and broadcasters with the ability to use Envivo Replay as part of a complete live event workflow with FOR-A HANABI series video switchers, ClassX 3D graphics, and Video Writer telestrators.

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