TruPixel Provides Analog Way Solution for Telemundo’s Premiere Nights and NATPE Miami Screening

Miami-based TruPixel, a provider of AV solutions for broadcast entertainment and corporate clients, uses Analog Way technology to facilitate Telemundo Network’s premiere nights for the press and invited guests. TruPixel also provided an Analog Way solution for the network at NAPTE Miami recently.

Telemundo’s regular screenings of new original content draw an average of 150-200 invitees to Telemundo Center in Miami.  TruPixel has handled the network’s premiere nights for the last four years.

“We’ve done all the premieres in stereo, but Telemundo was looking for a way to do 5.1 surround, so Analog Way’s Brian Smith told me about the Dante card option for our VIO 4K,” says Richard Orizondo, President of TruPixel.  “We demo’d it in our shop, and it was the perfect solution for our needs.”

Orizondo owns an Analog Way Ascender 16-4K multi-output 4K seamless switcher and videowall processor and a VIO 4K multi-input/output solution for advanced conversion applications. He has used the gear in tandem for the Telemundo premiere nights.

“I’ve been an Analog Way user for years; when I opened this company I decided to invest in Analog Way products,” Orizondo declares. “They give me all the solutions that I need.”

At a recent Telemundo screening 4K content was displayed on an 84-panel 2.9mm LED videowall.  “Ascender routed all the sources and VIO ran all the processing,” he explains. “I used the Dante interface to de-embed 5.1 surround sound from a 12G HD-SDI connection, Xbox and a Blu-ray player and embed it on the Dante network and route the signals digitally to our Yamaha console. It was so easy – real plug- and-play: We ran Cat5 from Dante into the board and it worked flawlessly, no glitches. I can’t praise it enough.”

Most recently TruPixel handled Telemundo’s big screen presentation for attendees at NATPE Miami.  “The network showed 15-minute clips from four new series in a conference room at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort,” Orizondo explains. “We set up a 40×12-foot LED video screen and ran the main and backup 4K sources through Ascender along with live camera feeds capturing the shows’ stars who were present in the hall.  VIO did the processing, and the Dante card routed all the sources for the 5.1 surround.

“For such a high-profile event at NATPE everything on the screen had to look exactly as it did when it came from the studio,” he notes. “The only equipment capable of doing image correction, resizing and processing adjustments of the 4K content, as required by the studio, was Analog Way’s gear.  Ascender-VIO-Dante is my go-to set up for every event, big or small, now.”

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