Trividia Health, Inc. Announces Launch of Test Buddy™ and Healthy Tracks for Pets™

New Products Designed Especially for Pet Health

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trividia Health, Inc. announced today that it will be expanding its portfolio to include products specifically designed for better pet health. Starting with its first pet related product, the Test Buddy™ Pet-Monitoring Blood Glucose System, Trividia’s medical device expertise in blood glucose monitoring, advanced algorithm development and connected health is a strong fit to better serve the critical Pet Health Category with the latest technology and programs. Trividia will follow up its initial launch with additional pet health products branded under the Healthy Tracks for Pets™ Ancillary line of products, designed specifically for the health and wellbeing of dogs and cats living with diabetes.

As the incidence of diabetes in dogs and cats continues to increase, it is important to use products specifically designed for them. Like testing in humans, testing your dog or cat’s blood glucose is done so by obtaining a blood sample. However, the blood makeup of dogs and cats is different from humans. To properly manage diabetes in dogs and cats it must be done using an accurate, specifically calibrated glucose system such as the Test Buddy Pet-Monitoring Blood Glucose System that is made just for them. Testing with a meter that is made for human blood could give inaccurate results due to the difference in blood.

Trividia Health will be the first manufacturer to provide these types of Pet Products to retail pharmacies throughout the US. “It is our goal and strategic focus to provide quality products and affordable diabetes care for all, including our pets,” said Scott Verner, President and CEO of Trividia Health. “Pet Health is important to us and our partners. They recognize the growing needs and convenience they provide by supplying Pet Health products to their consumers,” continued Verner.

The Test Buddy Pet-Monitoring Blood Glucose System is affordably priced and comes with 50 test strips and Healthy Tracks for Pets Lancing Device and lancets to conveniently monitor your dog or cat’s blood glucose. The Test Buddy Meter has Bluetooth capability that allows you to upload your pet’s results into the Test Buddy™ App, available on iOS and Android platforms. The Test Buddy App also allows you track your pet’s glucose health and share results and trending information with your veterinarian.

In addition to the Test Buddy Pet-Monitoring Blood Glucose System, the launch of the Healthy Tracks for Pets Insulin Syringes will include U-40 and U-100 syringes in a variety of gauges and sizes. Trividia Health plans to further expand its portfolio in pet health in the upcoming months. Please visit for information on these products and more.

About Trividia Health

Trividia Health, Inc., is a global health and wellness company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced performance products for people with diabetes. With products sold under TRUE and store brand labels, the company is the exclusive partner and supplier of affordable, high-quality blood glucose monitoring and health and wellness solutions for the world’s leading retail pharmacies, distributors and mail service providers. For more information, please visit:


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