Triple-I CEO Interviewed for First Predict & Prevent Podcast

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Institutes’ premiere Predict & Prevent podcast is now live and features a 30-minute interview with Sean Kevelighan, CEO, Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I).

Launched this spring, The Institutes Predict & Prevent initiative offers insights and analysis on the biggest risk challenges facing society today, from natural disasters to cyberattacks. Predict & Prevent calls for combining resilience with the real-time application of technology. The public policy goal is to move away from detecting and repairing losses in favor of predicting and preventing them.

“We should all be risk managers in this day and age,” Kevelighan stated, during a wide-ranging discussion with Peter Miller, CPCU, president and CEO, The Institutes. “We need to understand there is a collective responsibility for all—communities, consumers, policymakers, and industries—to help improve how and where we are living. Because the fact is more and more people are living in harm’s way.”

“You’re going to have a competitive advantage in your career if you can understand and apply these principles,” Miller said, when the conversation turned to how risk management and insurance professionals can benefit from the Predict & Prevent concepts.

To illustrate how resilience and technology are priorities, Miller and Kevelighan cited during the podcast Triple-I’s Resilience Accelerator, state-of-the-art products insurers and policyholders use to assess a property’s vulnerability to electrical fires and other hazards, and the Triple-I’s partnership with the National Institute of Building Sciences.

“Our mission is to be the trusted source of data-driven insights to help consumers better manage risk,” Kevelighan added, referring to the Triple-I, which was founded in 1960 and is an affiliate of The Institutes.

The podcast also cites historical precedents for Predict & Prevent, with Miller pointing to vehicle crashworthiness improvements brought about by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the safety advances made by Underwriter Laboratories Research Institutes.

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher are among the channels where the Predict & Prevent podcast can be found.

About the Insurance Information Institute

With more than 50 insurance company members — including regional, super-regional, national, and global carriers — the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) is the #1 online source for insurance information in the U.S. The organization’s website, blog and social media channels offer a wealth of data-driven research studies, white papers, videos, articles, infographics and other resources solely dedicated to explaining insurance and enhancing knowledge.

Unlike other sources, Triple-I’s sole focus is creating and disseminating information to empower consumers. It neither lobbies nor sells insurance. Triple-I offers objective, fact-based information about insurance – information that is rooted in economic and actuarial soundness. Triple-I is affiliated with The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group.

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