Traveling NFT Gallery Bright Moments Names Coinbase Wallet As Its Preferred Wallet Partner

Bright Moments and Coinbase Wallet Join Forces to Serve the Next Wave of NFT Collectors

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bright Moments, the traveling NFT gallery offering IRL digital art and collectible experiences around the world, has named Coinbase Wallet as its preferred wallet partner. By joining forces with Coinbase Wallet, Bright Moments will enable opportunities for both seasoned collectors and NFT newcomers to mint and purchase NFTs with the trust, security, and performance that are hallmarks of the Coinbase brand.

The incorporation of Coinbase Wallet into Bright Moments’ IRL gallery experiences will enable attendees and aspiring collectors around the world to mint NFTs with confidence. As the preferred wallet partner, Coinbase Wallet users will be able to purchase “Golden Token” tickets, which gives holders the option to mint a Crypto Citizen or art NFT in-person at Bright Moments events. Bright Moments will further incorporate Coinbase Wallet across its community events on a broader scale, encouraging wider adoption among community members and collectors.

“Coinbase Wallet shares Bright Moments’ goals of making web3, crypto, and NFTs easy and accessible for consumers of all levels of knowledge,” says Max Branzburg, Vice President of Product at Coinbase. “Bright Moments’ commitment to educating and onboarding new crypto users aligns with our objectives, and we are excited to be on this journey to bring art, collectibles and NFTs to consumers all around the world.”

Bright Moments’ decision to partner with Coinbase Wallet reflects the organization’s commitment to educating and onboarding new crypto users, and enabling universal NFT access through user-friendly tools, and community-building. Coinbase Wallet is an easy-to-use self-custody wallet that gives users complete control of their crypto and safe storage of their NFTs.

“At Bright Moments, we believe that the intersection of the digital and physical worlds will be paramount to the future of NFTs,” says Jesse Rogers, Founding Member of Bright Moments. “Our partnership with Coinbase Wallet will allow us to marry these two spheres with greater ease, while helping to onboard a growing population of crypto-curious individuals into the exciting and ever-evolving NFT space.”

Bright Moments will launch the partnership with Coinbase Wallet at its next IRL gallery experience, NFT Art Berlin. Staff on-site will be available to guide attendees through how to create a Coinbase Wallet and ensure that their first steps into Web3 are as easy and frictionless as possible. There will also be a QR code at the Bright Moments Berlin Community Center and at NFT Art Berlin that attendees can scan to download the Coinbase Wallet app. Taking place from April 6th-23rd, the gallery will be located at famed Berlin exhibition space Kraftwerk, and will incorporate elements of the city’s world-renowned techno scene. More on NFT Art Berlin here.

About Bright Moments

Bright Moments is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that delivers unforgettable IRL minting experiences and cultural moments through NFT galleries around the world. Bright Moments supports its own PFP project (Crypto Citizens) and the emerging creator class of on-chain generative artists. As a DAO, Bright Moments is governed by holders of Crypto Citizen NFTs. Bright Moments has been established in the Metaverse, Venice, NY, and Berlin, with London slated for July 2022. Join the DAO by purchasing a Crypto Citizen on the second market or minting with the organization IRL by purchasing a Golden Token for Berlin or for a future city.

About Coinbase Wallet

Crypto is just getting started, and Coinbase Wallet is your key to what’s next. Coinbase Wallet is the most user-friendly self-custody experience, unlocking the entire world of crypto, including collecting NFTs, earning yield on your crypto, play-to-earn gaming, participating in DAOs, and more. Coinbase Wallet is available as both a free mobile app on iOS & Android, and as a desktop browser extension for Chrome.



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