Track Club Teams Up with ilovecreatives to Spread the Music Syncing Love to the Creator Community

The community at ilovecreatives, a learning and social hub for creative professionals of all stripes, will now get a chance to dive deep into music for short and social videos thanks to a partnership with the creator-first music licensing platform Track Club. ilovecreatives is a one-stop portal for creatives looking to build community, confidence, and digital skills.

The ilovecreatives team are creators, putting together fun, quirky content as part of the platform’s educational component. “I love that you can search for songs by energy (aka BPM) and MixLab is LEGIT,” enthuses Puno, ilovecreatives founder. “Often we’ll use a song multiple times but just need an instrumental or want to lower the vocals.”

As a part of this partnership, ilovecreatives’ Video Creator Course students will get access to a music licensing workshop hosted by Track Club. Learners will then get four months of free access to Track Club, so they can try it out for themselves before signing on to the platform’s reasonably priced subscription. 

Part of the only B Corp in the space, Track Club’s incredible flexibility, easy licensing, and community focus are the perfect fit for the multi-talented, multimedia “slashies” at ilovecreatives. “We built Track Club for high-volume creators looking to take their content to the next level,” explains Hannah Key, head of partnerships of Track Club. “Our meticulously curated catalog is laser-focused on quality, and MixLab lets users custom-craft a song to perfectly fit their video.”

Creators interested in exploring this collaboration can go to the landing page here.

About Track Club

Track Club, the new subscription-based music licensing platform powered by Marmoset, knows what creators need when they look for music. They want to get in, get exceptional music, and get out quickly — and they want the music to feel like it was custom made for their content. 

Track Club offers a variety of account options to access this roster of highly curated, exclusive music via cost-efficient subscriptions, including a free Test Drive option — specifically designed for high-volume content creators looking for unlimited, perpetual and 100% legal use.

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