Track Club Becomes TikTok Sound Partner

The socially conscious subscription music platform for creators is joining TikTok’s curated Sound Partners program via parent company Marmoset, letting brands use Track Club sounds in their TikTok ads.

Track Club, the subscription-based source for quality music for creators, is available as part of parent-company Marmoset’s induction to the TikTok Sound Partners program. This means brands can take advantage of the original-sound boost for their ads, finding high-quality music perfect for their content.

“TikTok is driven by music, and discerning brands understand having the right music matters,” explains Marmoset and Track Club CEO Ryan Wines. “We’re excited to offer the Marmoset and Track Club catalogs for anyone who wants to make the best impression with music, while also supporting strong values and fighting for the greater social and civic good of humanity.”

Marmoset (and Track Club) are honored to join TikTok Sound Partner’s program, empowering brands to access higher quality music that they can afford. “Our ‘Better is always better than more’ philosophy means our catalog is special. Strap on your headphones and listen to the giant, mega catalogs in the market, and then go listen to what we’ve curated. It won’t take long.” Wines says. “Nobody wants to spend hours digging through the same mundane, monotonous music you hear everywhere. When you want to stand out, we’ve got you.”

Even more exciting, Track Club — Marmoset’s new subscription music licensing platform — offers full customization for every song. Perhaps you want to turn up the guitars, mute or solo the vocals, or turn down the drums. Users have full control to customize any and every song, and immediately download it — right there in the Track Club app.

Every track licensed gives back to artists and their communities thanks to Track Club’s commitment to equity and fairness. As the only Certified B Corp in the music licensing space, Track Club and parent company Marmoset bring a catalog that conscious brands can trust. Marmoset invests 10% of profits from the company’s earnings (after artists are compensated) into community organizations. It is the only company in the industry to issue an annual Transparency Report, providing a clear line of sight through the entire organization. This makes Track Club a great, fair choice for forward-thinking brands looking to do good in everything they do.

“The only Certified B Corp in the game and the first to give 10% of profits to community partners, Marmoset (and Track Club) are the best option for conscious brands and consumers who care about values, social and civil progress, AND want the best music available,” says Wines.

Brands interested can contact for more information or a custom quote.

About Track Club

Track Club, the new subscription-based music licensing platform powered by Marmoset, knows what creators need when they look for music. They want to get in, get exceptional music, and get out quickly — and they want the music to feel like it was custom made for their content. 

Track Club offers a variety of account options to access this roster of highly curated, exclusive music via cost-efficient subscriptions, including a free Test Drive option — specifically designed for high-volume content creators looking for unlimited, perpetual and 100% legal use.

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