Top 5 Tips for Sustainable Apartment Living Helps Renters Save Money and Live More Efficiently

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the flowers beginning to blossom and the days becoming longer and
warmer, spring is the perfect time to go green and start living a more
sustainable lifestyle.
— the most visited apartment listing site — revealed the top tips to
help renters live more efficiently in their apartment, from saving on
utility bills to recycling and simple DIY solutions.

1. Find an Eco-Friendly Apartment Complex: After determining
which city is the next place to call home, eco-friendly renters should
make sure to choose an apartment community that is equally as
environmentally responsible. Luckily, the search features on
allow renters to find the perfect, sustainable apartment by simply
entering keywords such as green, energy, or sustainable. Numerous LEED
certified complexes in Portland, San Jose, and Seattle, for example,
feature eco-friendly amenities including car-charging stations, energy
efficient appliances, and even greenhouses.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption: As the temperature begins to rise,
so do electricity bills. According to the U.S. Energy Information
Administration, Americans spend an average of more than $110 per month
on their energy bill. Since the cost to run a fan is much cheaper than
cranking up the air conditioning, consider turning up the AC by a few
notches and letting the fan run along with it. Another great way renters
can keep apartments cooler is to invest in black-out curtains. Black-out
curtains are perfect during extra-sunny months, and they are a great way
to spruce up the apartment décor. Additionally, using LED lightbulbs
will save much more energy compared to their standard counterpart.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We’ve all heard the mantra before, but
many of us forget to follow it. To get started, keep a stylish bin
somewhere out in the open as a reminder to sort all trash before it
reaches the dump. While some apartment complexes offer a recycling bin,
renters may have to find their local drop-off. To go a step further, try
getting neighbors involved as recycling should be an individual and
community effort. There are plenty of other ways to reduce consumption
and reuse items, such as creating your own compost instead of throwing
away all scraps and buying reusable water bottles and storage containers.

4. Use Your Green Thumb: Creating an at-home compost provides
nutrient rich soil – a great benefit that can help renters grow their
own herbs or plants. Place plants on a sunny window sill or out on the
balcony, water them as needed, and voila, you can now cook with the
freshest, homegrown ingredients. Don’t forget to use green,
chemical-free pesticides to protect your plants. Alternatively, opt for
a succulent garden or indoor houseplants that not only look good, but
naturally clean the air.

5. Buy Eco-Friendly Products: Renters can make a big impact with
just a few small product changes – from cleaning products to clothes to
home and shopping items. Cleaning products often come in unsustainable
packaging and contain very harsh chemicals that can negatively affect
the environment and the health of your families. Switching to more
eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products will keep your apartment
clean and green. Whenever possible, find products made from recycled or
reusable materials.

With these tips, living a sustainable life in your apartment can be
incredibly easy. To find your eco-friendly dream apartment, visit

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