‘Tis the Season for Growing Young Business Owners and Inspiring Future Changemakers – One Lemonade Stand at a Time!

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LemonadeDay–Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons in North America for young kids to taste the sweet success that comes with launching their own small business. And what better way than by hosting a lemonade stand? With support from Lemonade Day’s national entrepreneurial and experiential program, youth in grades K-8 can earn their own money, learn valuable skills that equip them for life, and contribute to a cause that matters to them.

“Our Lemonade Day program prepares youth for life by instilling in them an entrepreneurial mindset. As we recover and rebuild from the COVID-19 crisis, kids and adults alike are craving community, collaboration, and connection. Our program teaches kids business and financial skills, builds character, and exposes them to career pathways – which plants the seed of innovation that leads to lasting change. Lemonade Day leaders, sponsors, and community partners are encouraging parents, teachers, family members, friends, and neighbors to register individual children or groups of children to participate in our free program. We are hoping to engage 50,000 kids across America this year in this fun and memorable experience,” explained Nicole Cassier-Mason, chief executive officer of Lemonade Day.

Nickelodeon, the leading entertainment brand for kids, is the presenting sponsor of Lemonade Day’s new digital platform, My Lemonade Day. The My Lemonade Day App provides an interactive, animated experience through which kids have access to a series of lessons that step them through the process of owning and operating their own lemonade business. My Lemonade Day can be downloaded for iOS and android platforms and does not require Wi-Fi for engagement.

Lemonade Day activities typically run from early Spring through late Summer each year. Chaperoned by one or more caring adults, young business owners typically set up their lemonade stands in schools, parks, neighborhoods, places of worship, retail centers, and other public spaces to maximize their sales opportunities. Kids who participate in Lemonade Day are taught goal setting, as well as how to develop a business plan, pitch their plan to seek an investment, nurture their creative talents through branding and marketing, and work their plan to achieve their dreams. They are encouraged to spend some of their hard-earned money on themselves; open a bank account and save some; and share some with a charity.

Lemonade Day is available for free to participants via these options:

  • The Community Model – licensing fees for a multi-sector, city-wide program range from $2,500 to $25,000 based on city population size and include unlimited access to the My Lemonade Day App along with other training benefits and resources offered through the Lemonade Day National organization.
  • The Little Lemmy Model – fees for program packages range from $250 to $2,500 for single-site, single-organization use and are based on group size (i.e., one or multiple classrooms, a school district, or a youth group) and includes a specific number of registrations to access the My Lemonade Day App. Limited training resources are provided by Lemonade Day National.
  • The Direct Model – through the generosity of Nickelodeon’s national sponsorship, parents and other adult supporters across America can directly access the My Lemonade Day App for free by visiting https://lemonadeday.org/nickelodeon.

Join Lemonade Day today and witness the magic that happens when kids are introduced to entrepreneurship! For more information about Lemonade Day and to get involved, please visit www.LemonadeDay.org.

About Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching youth important business, financial, character-building, and life skills that are the key ingredients of entrepreneurship. Playing a vital role in the education and workforce ecosystem, Lemonade Day is in 86 licensed markets in the United States and Canada—and is continuing to grow. Please visit lemonadeday.org.


Media Contact:

Nicole Cassier-Mason, Lemonade Day National CEO

713.936.4107 office, 713.828.9729 mobile, Nicole@lemonadeday.org

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