TigerLRM Launches Mobile App Bringing Its Next-Gen Sales Enablement & CRM Platform to Reps on the Go

TigerLRM’s iOS and Android Mobile Apps Launch Alongside the Release of Several New Features Geared to Increase Closes per Salesperson

SUNRISE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TigerLRM, the next-generation sales enablement and CRM platform, today announced the launch of its new mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The new native apps are one of nine new features that have been introduced to the platform since its launch in June, which include the release of a new Microsoft Outlook plugin, merchant payment portal, Twilio softphone functionality, web form API, and other features designed for businesses and reps to exceed sales quotas.

Available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android Devices, the new TigerLRM mobile app allows sales teams, executives and business owners to access TigerLRM’s next-gen CRM and Sales Enablement platform while on the go.

Users can easily create and sync new contacts plus leverage critical features, such as the learning management system, sales playbook, sales asset management, and a unified multi-channel inbox with SMS and softphone functionality from their smartphone or tablet.

“TigerLRM’s new mobile app is just the beginning, as we continue to expand the capabilities of our next-gen CRM and sales enablement platform,” said Dorothy Michel, Operations Manager at TigerLRM. “We understand that modern businesses require mobility from their sales teams, and look forward to adding even more features and functionality to both the core platform and the app in the very near future.”

Alongside the mobile app, TigerLRM has recently launched several new features to further help users optimize their sales pipelines and close more deals. Some of these features include:

  • Microsoft Outlook Plugin – allowing users to seamlessly connect between their Outlook inbox and the TigerLRM portal, as well as auto-sync tagged emails to automatically record in the platform.
  • Payment Acceptance Portal – providing users the ability to accept payments directly through TigerLRM using the new Stripe integration portal.
  • Softphone Functionality – allowing users to make inbound and outbound phone calls directly from TigerLRM via Twilio integration. All inbound calls are automatically logged in the account, while all outbound calls can appear as whichever specific phone number the user wants displayed.
  • Web Form API – TigerLRM’s newly launched API allows users to create web forms on their own websites that, when filled out and submitted, can automatically create new leads and contacts in the TigerLRM platform.

To download the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Click here to schedule a demo and sign up for the platform today.

About TigerLRM:

Founded in 2022, and headquartered in Sunrise, Fla, TigerLRM is an award-winning, next-generation CRM and sales enablement tool created by top closers to guarantee more closed deals. TigerLRM’s FREE, feature-rich platform helps multiply sales teams’ output and empower sales enablement professionals, producing immediate results that are unmatched by any other sales tool. Additionally, TigerLRM offers businesses premium Sales Enablement services that maximize sales teams’ efforts, bringing measurable improvements throughout the pre-close sales cycle. For more information, visit www.tigerlrm.com.


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